Turns Out Samsung is Not Making a Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Special Edition

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Credit: Weibo

Samsung is not — repeat not — making a Tesla-branded phablet. In what turned out to be something of a imaginative high concept, YouTuber Arun Maini last week posted a fictional render on Twitter of a Tesla-Samsung collaboration citing a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 car-themed special edition. We had been awaiting word of some new features to Samsung’s phablet, and were intrigued by the prospect of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Edition. But that is not to be — at least not at this time.

It didn’t help that the original imagined leaked image had surfaced on Chinese social media website Weibo, and seemed to show a promotional image of the Note 10 Tesla Edition, complete with a brushed metal back panel, red accents, Tesla logo, and a correspondingly red and metal-effect S Pen. From there, a legit-sounding rumor took on a life of its own.

The translated text in the Weibo post itself reads: “After Huawei Porsche and OPPO Lamborghini, Samsung will push the Tesla version of the phone! At present, the special version of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10 is exposed. This is the joint version of Tesla. The whole body is mainly gray, supplemented by red color scheme. <span class=""…


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