Was RTX a big scam? – Performance & image quality analysis

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Was RTX a big scam? – Performance & image quality analysis 1
Was RTX a big scam? – Performance & image quality analysis 2
Was RTX a big scam? – Performance & image quality analysis 3
Was RTX a big scam? – Performance & image quality analysis 4
Was RTX a big scam? – Performance & image quality analysis 5

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  1. Come on people… Don't be naive. You're not that stupid. Computers can not calculate 100% raytraced scenes so even VRay's brute force or Mental Ray's final gathering are using interpolation methods. And even then it takes hours or at least tens of minutes to render a single frame so they call it Ray tracing instead "Nvidia crap" to overwhelm you and shave you off. "60fps in real time"?! come on.

  2. Had SLI and ditched it due to shit support and too often having to disable it for more performance! Had 3Dvision……yeah enough said! Was I dumb enough to buy into RTX? Not on your life.

  3. I love Anthony, he's so enjoyable to listen to and learn from, he's also a master of his technical domain with tons of knowledge! Keep up the great work, Anthony and LTT team, thanks for working hard and making informative and entertaining videos! 🙂

  4. It was a flop from NVIDIA with RTX cards,even AMD did not want to implement DXR,choosing stability and long-term performance improvements over the previous gen(reasoning:they are used in Apple HW and Apple doesn't and will never support DXR,its a Windows 10 DX12 feature,which everybody will forget about long-term). Regarding DXR on/of the answer is simple it halves the performance rate on Ultra settings even for owners of the 2080 TI RTX cards,do we really care about some almost undetectable DXR and would any gamer sacrifice the performance with quality over lighting effects?Nope,some fanboys probably,but the majority of the developers will not even implement it. Another thing, since DXR is a Windows 10 Direct X 12 only feature,how many people since Steam launched Proton which takes the most of your HW on Debian Stretch let's say and the games look great without clunky Windows Updates stuck at 45%-99%(yeah 1903 is also a resource hog with a bunch of bugs) will jump ship to Linux gaming at some point.Long-term stick with GTX 1080 Ti,also look at AMD for more stability-performance upgrades,that's the smart way.I loved NVIDIA,but this RTX stunt made me question what will I get for almost 1300 USD ?20% performance gain?Some DXR that only like 3 games use and has been in DX12 since 2018 and drops FPS by half if you don't play on potato quality,and is barely noticeable if you play on Ultra specs. Really?Where is the stability and performance gain?It is insignificant(15%-20% gain) compared to GTX 1080 Ti series,even the amount of memory is the same 11 GB(aside from the bunch of biased reviews that praise the DXR on 4k with 20-30 FPS). For 2080 RTX, 8GB RAM,awesome,just like 1070 GTX 8GB RAM good luck running RE2 on that 100% Quality with DXR on(slide show guaranteed) I am not talking about Metro:Exodus,that will probably give you 1-5 FPS,with all the bells and whistles ON.Sorry for the rant, but it was a rushed marketing tactic from NVIDIA,I really hope they will get on with improving stability/performance/quality instead of the bells and whistles,that are barely noticeable at the cost of performance.

  5. The delivery pace of this review is nice and pleasing. Not hurried, easier to assess the information presented before switching over to some new bit of knowledge, more thoughtfully executed. Well done sir 🙂

  6. Lololol i never had a lighting issue.
    It was a res @ fps issue. 1080 ti is more than enough. To top that off. Just use a 4770k and 2400mhz ddr3 with a 2x samsung ssd raid zero.
    Save a crap ton of money then take that money and buy a new full suspension mtb and turn the pc off.

  7. I find this to be an accurate assessment of the situation.
    As for myself I'm getting the Asus RX 590
    I will NEVER buy another nVidia product.

  8. All that price for a feature that cost you half your FPS to run at normal Ray Tracing lvl.
    Literaly no gamer would make such a deal.

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