** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? – WAN Show May 24, 2019

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** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? - WAN Show May 24, 2019 1
** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? - WAN Show May 24, 2019 2
** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? - WAN Show May 24, 2019 3
** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? - WAN Show May 24, 2019 4
** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? - WAN Show May 24, 2019 5

44 Comments on “** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? – WAN Show May 24, 2019”

  1. Floatplane Bit rate suggestion: have a setting/toggle switch that changes between performance mode (low bit rate) vs quality mode (high bit rate).

    People don't need to understand bit rates to switch between and see 1080p start working when they have bad internet.

  2. I prefer "GIF" with a hard G because that G stands for a word beginning with a hard G. So there. English fucking sucks for spelling rules and consistency, because it basically has none whatsoever.

  3. Lost respect for Riley. At least Linus is doing it as a joke, but saying "JIF" is comparable to flat earthers in my books. It obviously originates from someone who saw the abbreviation when GIFs first came out, said "JIF" because of the whole G that can be pronounced in certain situations as J. It is wrong. Dont you want to stop being wrong? The only proof it seems that this "creator" that Linus mentions has that it is "JIF", is a solid "Dude….trust me". Where as if you use your brain and see that "Graphics Interchange Format" is with a "G" not a "J", then you have a more solid argument.

  4. Thanks Linus, for selling me on Standard/Nebula! Somehow this went completely under my radar even though it has CGP Grey's DNA and all my other favourite Science/Edutainment Creators on it…

  5. Why doesn't Apple use Ryzen for its desktop, professional and MacBook Air and Pros while using its custom A series chips for its macbook.

  6. I’m happy to hear you boys pronounce GIF properly!

    I’m so sick of these hard G savages that apparently never heard of Geoffrey the Giraffe, George (of the Jungle), the state (or country) Georgia, Geography, and numerous other soft G words!

  7. I can't value a channel on a new platform at what $3-4/mo PER content creator. My idea is $2-5/mo for 2-3 selected pieces a week from all creators on your platform so we can see what it's about and get a taste of the other creators on your platform, then add $1-2/mo per creator we choose to see all their content each week instead of the 2-3 selected pieces.

  8. Did you see pcie 4.0 50% faster ssd's. Where is the bottleneck going to be now? Tell me fastest CPU and memory and hard drive combo? I mean even turbo or over clocked? I saw 5.5 GHz CPU but then I always see slow memory with it like 3400. And now fast ssd's – I'm not sure where to go.

  9. I am wondering why every time I run a Geekbench test on my MacBook Pro 2019 model the Core Frequency graph inside Intel Power Gadget keeps on fluctuating, it does not become a steady line even though temperature is well below 90 celsius! Also the Frequency never reach the advertised speeds of 4.8GHz, actually it barely maintains its baseclock of 2.4 GHz. Could this be a limitation imposed by Apple? It really pissing me off to pay for a premium product with limited potential imposed by the manufacturer due to bad chassis design :@

  10. If you output 720p then it’s the content that’s important & not pin sharp high quality as we aren’t watching a movie that we pay very close attention in 1080p or 4K. So personally for the wan show I think 720p would be perfectly acceptable to a lot of people. But use higher 1080p or higher resolution when doing Linus Tech Tips where we need a more detailed view of the product being reviewed

  11. I guess you aren't aware of that 5G also has so-called sub-6GHz bands? For instance, 3,5GHz with 100MHz bandwidth compared to similar bands in 4G with 20 MHz bandwidth.

  12. I like mrDJKdnb's comment (from the chat). Keep the high bitrate and add the option to preload (or maybe even download) to the people with bad internet.
    I can't say how many times I've been saved by my youtube downloaders because the site decided make that either the clip, or the site in its entirety slow/unavailable.

  13. You could solve the problem of communicating the 720p looks as good like 1080p YouTube by writing 720p/yt 1080 p as quality chooser. Or, simply add the Bitrate to the quality selection!

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