WD Black SN750 SSD Review

Western Digital began a major push into the SSD market in 2016. The company recognised that users were moving away from spinning hard drives but that the WD brand was still very highly regarded among PC enthusiasts and DIY builders. The company bought SanDisk to leverage its expertise in flash storage, and has enjoyed some success though competition is fierce. The WD Green, Blue, and Black hard drive performance tiers have been translated to the SSD market, forming a family of entry-level, mainstream, and enthusiast-grade products. Not all of them have been hits, but the company has kept improving.

We’re reviewing WD’s third-generation Black SSD, which is called the WD Black SN750. This is the company’s latest offering for the high-end gaming and enthusiast market. This model was introduced internationally in January, though it has only just been launched officially in India.

With prices having fallen drastically this past year, SSDs are more attractive than ever, and even high-end,…


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