We FINISHED the $100,000 PC! – 6 Editors 1 CPU Pt. 5

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  1. But can it run Minecraft?

  2. Wow that expensive!! I will take 3

  3. nice video.for temps you have to let the machine run for 1 hour to let the water warm a little. 6 ryzen 3950x s with all the goodies would be 5 k each at best and perform better. This is maybe one of a kind pc should make an auction for it

  4. I can't wait to see all 7 editors playing crysis 3 on ultra.

  5. Stress testing while the case is open on both sides?… kinda cheating the numbers there ain'tcha?

  6. Yes, the motherboard is ugly but you guys could manufacturer an acrylic or aluminium cover which would cover most of the MB and the put some design over it 😀

  7. I Want a cheaper version of that for a Gaming Center, its posible?

  8. OVERCLOCK!!!! Please?

  9. Just put a eaten apple and
    100,000$ into 1,000,000

  10. 09:23 – "Virtualization" reminded me of Code Lyoko…

  11. So in 4 years I could afford this if I had no other expenditures…. FML

  12. Im going to build a "one computer – children build" here at home….

    Well now I know what I need the new ryzen 16 cores for.

  13. The case costs almost my entire pc.


  14. Threadripper or epyc would have been better

  15. Was that a Todd Howard reference?

  16. Let's overclock it now!!!

  17. Linus – Don't Drop it moving it – NO REALLY !

  18. Seems like you aren't telling the other psu to power on lol

  19. The 2019 gigacomputer is here!

  20. yeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss

  21. if only 1 person is using a station, would additional compute resources be available to them? or are they each limited to 1/6th of the resources?

  22. Why would you spend so much on one PC when you could have gotten 100 Apple stands?

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