We made the perfect gaming mouse and you can too – DIY

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28 Comments on “We made the perfect gaming mouse and you can too – DIY”

  1. I've owned this mouse since the day Newegg first had them in stock and I absolutely love it.

    I use the Energizer lithium AA and the last battery lasted me almost 9 months with 6 or so hours a day of use. I use the "high performance" setting that uses more battery.
    I take the battery compartment cover off. It's surprisingly comfortable to hold and allows my hand to sit lower and it just fits my grip style better. I may 3D print a really low profile cover one day, but this is nice.

    My combination weighs 80.5g.

  2. Just buy the G603. It’s bigger than the G305, feels okayish with 1 battery, has bluetooth too, and works fine even on low power mode for casual CS:GO gaming.

  3. I personally like slightly heavier mice since I mostly play mil-sim games where I would rather have greater weight for long range shooting, however I can understand the lighter mice for CSGO etc.

  4. You make PCs that cost thousand of dollars and are worried about a 20 dollar print you can get done anywhere with a 3d printer. Sure it's about saving money. But you could have saved 80 dollars instead of 100 and got a better mouse. I'm disappointed.

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