What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique?

The cheap google phone has come – $400 Pixel 3a. Using the well reviewed Pixel 3 camera in a cheaper device, they’ve made something pretty cool
Full Fat Pixel 3 for $450 –

Running a Snapdragon 670, 4GB Ram and 64 GB of Storage. It isn’t the most powerful phone out there. It’s also not rated for water resistance (has no official IP rating), nor does it have front facing stereo speakers but it has a headphone jack and the killer Google Pixel 3 Camera.

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What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique? 1
What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique? 2
What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique? 3
What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique? 4
What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique? 5

43 Comments on “What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique?”

  1. If they could just put a last gen soc like the snapdragon 845 for this 400bucks phone. It surely will be worth the buy, but with a 670? Really? Im not sure about that. Not really a big fan of pocophone but the pocophone f1 is so much a better option. Faster processor and quite a good camera.

  2. Why is everyone so focused on IP ratings these days?

    Do people take their phones into the bath / shower / swimming pool?

    Are they assuming a strange yoga-like position on the toilet meaning that use of their phone could result in dropping it into said toilet?

    If you're looking at your phone while standing up and taking a wizz then not only are you disgusting but you're a dumbass and deserve to lose your phone down the toilet and then have to retrieve it Trainspotting style.

    I've been an Android user since 2010 and I've never had a problem with using my phones in the rain.

    Sure using the screen is impossible to use if it gets too wet but that's because of the input technology not the IP rating – wipe it down, it'll be fine.

    I've never had a phone crap out on me during normal use, including exposure to rain.

    IP ratings for me at least are bullshit.

    As is QI charging.

    Why use an inferior technology just so you don't have to plug in a cable?

    My OP6T is AMAZINGLY fast at charging via AC – QI charging is for the most part way slower.

    I charge it in the morning before work every day for about an hour and get pretty much a full battery again, which then lasts until the next morning with a fair amount to spare.

    So again, for me QI charging is bullshit.

  3. Google phones are known to slow down in terms of performance way quicker than samsung.
    The idea of Pixels is that they are mainly for taking inctedible photos, no more. Marques and The Verge reminded me that. Thanks guys.

  4. Im using this pixel 3a now. It is a great phone. I guess it is not for gamer coz it cpu. Other than that everything elss is good enough..my last phone was iphone x

  5. Gosh i wish this phone is available in my country, on the other hand i think this one is great for those looking for Google’s software and godly camera for cheaper price than most

  6. 4gb of ram still runs fine I think. Im iffy about the processor, but it is a very compelling option at this price point, specially considering the camera. It is a 180 on the low end market and I kinda dig it. When they release a model with a snapdragon 835 around this price point they will have a killer product

  7. Given the fact that Google now has the Android One program, with companies like Motorola, Nokia, and Xiaomi participating and putting in great mid-tier phones at a cheaper price than the Pixel 3a, the only reason to purchase this phone is for the camera. I'm really happy with my Xiaomi Mi a2 Lite running Android One. Even though the Snapdragon 625 isn't blazing fast (it's fast enough for all I and probably 90% of phone users do), it's got 4gb ram, 64gb of storage, a passable camera, a 4,000 mAh battery that lasts two full days of regular use and one full day with heavy use, and a dual sim slot that can also be used to hold an extra SD card. All that for $179 (when I purchased it from Amazon, at least). Google kind of shot their own feet when they abandoned the affordable but decent Nexus line for the flagship Pixel lineup.

  8. I live in Asia and I'm interested in pixel, but the main reason I won't buy one is because Google doesn't sell it where I live! Not sure why it is this way. Google just doesn't try to compete in the Asian market.

  9. Hey Dave! Loved the video! Though the same pixel 3a price in India translates to 572$. Would you still recommend this phone? Would it be able to handle pubg and those latest game titles?

  10. I am shocked how little value people put to guaranteed and timely software & security updates when talking about the 3a versus all those other phones in that price point…

  11. Really like the pixel 3a price to performance ratio and a oled screen. Although the pocophone has the same sony camera sensor of the pixel 3. You can sideload it with a google camera app.it Really boost the cam performance of the pocophone.

  12. I've got a question for you guys, for about the same price, should I get:
    – the Pixel 3XL for the camera but big bezels and not that good specs overall, or:
    – the One Plus 7, with a Gcam apk??
    I love One Plus and the specs are just INSANE, but the camera though……..
    Please, help me pick! ://

  13. Could you please bring attention to the fact the camera on Google Pixel 2 will not stay open. Google is aware of this and will not fix it. You basically have a phone without a camera.

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