What's so cool about this car's prototype FM RADIO?? – Karma Revero Showcase

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34 Comments on “What's so cool about this car's prototype FM RADIO?? – Karma Revero Showcase”

  1. You’ll are dumb karmas are shit, the performance shop I go to has one that just sits for months at a time. Straight it’s been there for a year. Haha Linus tech tips think they know anything about cars. Go back to computers plz because your out of your area of expertise.

  2. Yo dawg, have you heard about the facial recognition in the new Subaru Forester though? It's facial recognition can tell who is driving it and change the seating position and climate controls to that person's preferred choice

  3. im sorry but as an identifiable car guy identification id card but the body already made itself an image of failure and no amount of, dare i say, manufacturing prowess will change its design for the masses. in tech, you really wont care about it obviously, but getting from point a to point b is your purpose. yes, i may be triggered, but its only because i care about you. please eliminate yourself from the designer car pyramid scheme. its obvious the profits are going towards "advancements" in anything other than automotive prowess so its only safe to assume that they are playing a game they do not understand.

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