You've NEVER Heard of this AMAZING Computer – Compulab Airtop 3 Review

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22 Comments on “You've NEVER Heard of this AMAZING Computer – Compulab Airtop 3 Review”

  1. Why would anyone want something like this? I am sure you pay a premium price for this and unless you are in a very dusty environment this make no sense.

  2. 3500 bucks, does 80C at 3.7 ghz? I guess if someone likes the looks THAT much, but for me it's not succeeding at cooling the chip within reasonable boundaries. Gotta keep 4.5 at least, for that kinda cash in my book, but to each their own, right?

  3. Never buy a case with expandability for work purposes. You can't just throw a 10 Gbit nic card in it or add an additional video preview card or add… anything else really. These things are extremely overpriced and much like an imac, when it comes time to upgrade, you just throw it away and buy a new one, insterad of just putting a new cpu/motherboard in it.

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