Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT – WAN Show July 19, 2019

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Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT - WAN Show July 19, 2019 1
Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT - WAN Show July 19, 2019 2
Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT - WAN Show July 19, 2019 3
Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT - WAN Show July 19, 2019 4
Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT - WAN Show July 19, 2019 5

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  1. Theft by finding occurs when someone chances upon an object which seems abandoned and takes possession of the object but fails to take steps to establish whether the object is genuinely abandoned and not merely lost or unattended. In some jurisdictions the crime is called "larceny by finding" or "stealing by finding".

  2. Maybe, those prices were not an error and Amazon, having more money then god, does these things, hush, hush! To generate a buzz to get people to spend more time and money on their site. And if they can get you to spend more time on Amazon, you are more likely to buy other items too! But, those would be one hell of a Loss Leader items with a reduced price like that!

  3. Yeah because taking from one of the most powerful organisations in the world is the same as taking from a group that is vulnerable to the potential violence you can bring to them

  4. timestamps:
    0:00 Importance of eye contact with the camera

    4:00 haunted stream

    6:50 amazon pricing error

    7:30 LTT awards program

    8:30 amazon story continued

    10:28 Linus story time (mountain mods)

    20:30 discussion: what is ethical (apparently stealing duffle bags from homeless millionaires)

    30:55 LTT store: water bottle

    31:50 LTT store: stealth bundle shhh its secret

    33:04 worlds second greatest dad confirmed 3:20

    38:30 cho-chooooooo

    39:35 LTX

    42:20 wth

    44:40 Sponsor bench

    45:37 Sponsor honey

    46:26 Sponsor squarespace

    47:11 new nintendo switch

    53:16 neuralink

    58:00 facebook ftc fine

    1:03:50 super chat
    1:04:18 oneplus 7 pro vs pixel 3a XL
    1:04:51 channel super fun O.o
    1:08:24 Saturday Stream from LTX at different time

  5. The trick with getting in on those insane discount deals with price mistakes is expedited shipping… same day or next day shipping or getting another retailer to price match it. Those are the orders that i've seen typically slip through and get fulfilled.

  6. Nintendo has always been sneaky about hardware upgrades, new Switch is nothing new; though, since it's based around an Nvidia SOC, the change might be large enough for there to be a noticeable difference. I think if they were to move to a much higher end model, they might do the DS naming scheme, which they're already follwoing: DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL. Eventually they might have a small successor to the Switch, which was what the 3DS was to the DS, which ended up just being 3DS and New 3DS; which the Switch Lite is technically the successor to the New 3DS.

  7. Given who the victim is, I'd take a predatory deal on an item sold by Amazon. I'd probably assume the product was a fake or something, though, since Amazon has a terrible track record with knock off products. If there was even a remote probability the company I'm ordering from couldn't eat the cost I wouldn't do it.

  8. It's just a matter of responsibility. If I add new items to my shop or change prices, I have the responsibility to check these prices in the backend AND frontend of the shop. You can't blame customers for that. And, if I'm putting a junior crew member into the position of changing stuff in my business pipeline I have to take the responsibility to check his / her work after. And don't get me wrong the meaning of responsibility here is not that I have to be sure that I didn't make a mistake in the first place, I (and all other staff) have the responsibility to make sure that the company doesn't get damaged and makes profit. That's a common misunderstanding in top-down businesses about responsibility.

  9. Love the WAN show. And I absolutely love how they talk about how the stream is lagging for like half the show. And I love how they do that nearly every week. It’s just fantastic. Love Linus’ catch-phrase of “I don’t know why the steam is lagging”. It’s iconic now.

  10. Where i live there is a law, where if something is obviously mispriced, like 10 % of the price, than companies dont have to trough with it, even dough they mith do it.

  11. As a blue collar worker who constantly has to run errands with a duffel bag filled with legitimately earned 5 million US dollars I feel personally attacked by Linus's assumptions

  12. Here in Finland ordering and knowing that you are hurting the seller, constitutes as crime… And the seller doesn't need to send you the item.. How ever, if the buyer cannot know, like if some other shop has the same price or the price is reasonable in the eyes of the buyer. 30% off not 99% It is legal.

  13. @21.30 : construction enterprises are covered by insurance. in belgium ts up to 1.5M EUR. i suppose in buisness its quite different…

  14. custom doesn't matter. the price tag counts. if you put up the wrong price, it's your problem as a company or whatever. might be a dickmove to order 10 and flip them on eBay later but not illegal.

  15. I would assume that a disclaimer that obvious pricing errors wouldn't be honored wouldn't go over well. An honest mistake isn't false advertising. On the other hand, Amazon has to weigh how much bad publicity they'd get if they blanket canceled the orders for those items at the erroneous price. In likelyhood, few law suits would have been filed and likely quickly dismissed. I doubt anyone is getting that $10,000 lens for $95. THey may have decided to honor some of the lower valued items as a gesture of good will since making a profit wasn't the point of Prime Day. It was all about getting people to sign up for Prime and get Amazon into the news. I worked for a big box retailer for many years and Black Friday was the same deal. All we wanted was to get some new customers through the door so maybe they'd keep coming back. The sales were incredible, but profits on Black Friday were a joke. Many of the door busters were sold at a loss and were items we'd never stock again.

  16. tinfoilhat on Maybe amazon placed this price mistake so people would browse amazon even more in the future, trying to find more of those price mistakes.*tinfoilhat off*

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