Apple Thinking of a Way to Increase iPhone Water Resistance

iPhones already include an IP68 score, which implies they may spend roughly 30 minutes in 2-meter deep water, however like different telephone producers, Apple is at all times pondering of methods to obtain full waterproofing.

In a patent found lately by AppleWorld.Today, Apple explains that one of the challenges of making the iPhone totally waterproof is the use of bodily buttons.

Because of the way in which they’re designed, bodily buttons don’t permit for good sealing, and Apple is trying into a number of concepts to deal with this drawback.

One technique that would show efficient is designing a new housing for the buttons, which itself can be particularly waterproofed, thus ensuring no water would slip in when the buttons are pressed.

“The waterproof button assembly may include a housing including an opening and a button. The button may be positioned at least partially within the housing via the opening. The assembly may also include a plurality of engagement components positioned on opposite-distal ends of the button. The plurality of engagement components may be configured to retain the button within the housing,” Apple explains within the patent.

Just a patent, not a sure function

Does this imply the iPhone would turn into totally waterproof? Not essentially, however Apple says its complicated method, which would come with further helps and different elements, may assist cut back the probability of water reaching the internals.

“The engagement components may extend distally from the button, such that a portion of the engagement components may be positioned within apertures formed in the sidewall of the housing. The assembly may also include a plurality of supports, a tactile dome in contact with the button and at least one of the plurality of supports. A sensing component of the assembly may be positioned adjacent the housing and in alignment with the button and/or tactile dome for sensing actuation of the button within the assembly,” the corporate says.

Of course, there’s a good distance from patent to the precise mass manufacturing of any expertise, so don’t maintain your breath for this concept to make its manner to the iPhone simply but.

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