Are Wireless Mice ACTUALLY Faster??

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  1. So if there was an issue that was causing a drastic change in mouse movement when shifting polling rates, what could cause this behaviour? (Persistent in safe boot)

  2. Please, check also keyboard response times. Pick every flagman Corsair vs Logitech vs Razer vs Ducky vs Cooler Master vs HyperX, could be very interesting.

  3. Meanwhile i got a cheap 15$ mouse from A4 tech and i kick everyones asses. Dont have high dpi, have 250 pooling (whatever its called) and im usually top player ;p I dont change the mouse because every Logitech mouse that i tried feels horrible in the hand. Their old mouses feel good, but they are like 15 year old mouses now.

  4. This is the first video from LTT that I’ve enjoyed for a while, mainly because the thumbnail and title told me what it was about and instead of screwing around they did their tests really professionally

  5. You forgot to account for two important variables: the weight of each mouse and the pull from cables. At equal force, acceleration will be measurably impacted by weight and pull. You could easily make adjustments to mitigate this.

  6. These last two videos (this and the 240hz vs 60hz monitor) have been amazing. I hope you keep finding ideas for comparisons like this (maybe keyboard input timing)?

  7. Changing the polling rate from 1000Hz to 500Hz is definitely noticeable. I know that theoretically, the numbers say that there's no way that that could be true, but if you play on 500Hz for a while then go to 1000hz or vise versa, you can notice a difference. 500Hz almost seems smoother, while 1000Hz feels slightly more twitchy and responsive. It's only noticeable for a very short amount of time as soon as you change it. I wonder how that's even possible to pick up on though.

  8. Well a cool video but maby you should partner with Gamers Nexus to make that test more scientific – unfortunatly there were a lot of mistakes – but at least the conclusion was spot on.
    BUT its important to note that a 130$ "Gaming" Mouse is no means better than a 10$ one! The most important thing about a Mouse is the Sensor, the rest is bonus.
    So just use the Mouse with the best Sensor – thats most likely the PMW 3360 but you can also grap its predecessor the PMW 3310 which ist still good.

  9. Please verify that the wireless mice were properly powered with fully-charged, full-size batteries – none of James' AAA life-hack stuff.

  10. I mean why is this necessary i mean the bluetooth depends on the radiacional vibrates that comes out the signal and every country have different radiacional vibrates

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