ASUS ROG Phone 2 – ULTRA Fast!

The Asus ROG Phone 2 is the quickest cellphone proper now. Rivals Galaxy Note 10 and beats OnePlus 7 Pro / Galaxy S10. With a Snapdragon 855+ and a 120Hz AMOLED show this cellphone is a beast.
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  1. Dave…

    Are you okay? Your eyes are black. Insomnia?

  2. Meanwhile, Apple is gonna be selling a phone with a humongous tumor on the back, ugly notch at front, mediocre SoT and display, and without a headphone jack. All for the low low price of a kidney and an arm and a leg.

  3. 120Hz Amoled??? woww

  4. this phone goes beyong its title, this is beyond gaming, they made a phone that capable and master almost ALL aspects of a phone . .. maybe the ONLY thing that a little bit less is in the camera sectors. the rests are perfect

  5. The fast in-display fingerprint scanner is the most underrated feature in this phone.

  6. My future phone.

  7. It is BBT of phones.

  8. Which was that ski game?

  9. not convinced yet
    need a minecraft gameplay footage

  10. The phone is so fast your wallet vanished in a blink of an eye.

  11. I'm a Galaxy Note 9 user and you've got me considering the ROG 2 for my next phone. I'm not a gamer at all but love the specs of this thing. Especially if the Note 10 is a let down. Great informative video thanks.

  12. Make a video on best games for laptops. Waiting my video is your next topic. 😂

  13. Can you gift me I love gaming phone ???

  14. Are there any mobile games that don't suck?

  15. OP spec but the price OMG lol

  16. Then be priced at $2000 hahhahaha

  17. I like your tube lights at the back on the corner. Where did you get it from?

  18. 2:59 what is dat game xD?

  19. Meanwhile, I'M watching this video on redmi 2

  20. King Dragon sends his regards

  21. 6000mah battery is actually insane. You charge it up to full and limit the frame rate to 60 Hz, this think will last 2 days without charge. Why dont we have more phones in thee market with battery capacity comparable to this? We want all flagships with at least 4500 mah battery.

  22. Bro, do you play vainglory?

  23. Being a PC gamer since 199x, I've tried to play games on smartphones several times (like every 1-2 years), but every time I give up due to awful controls and small screen. How mobile games are even popular?..

  24. Save your money bois and get a gaming laptop instead, hardcore gaming on phones is non-existent

  25. I agree gaming phone is suck

  26. One thing i hate is that phones like this gets forgotten after not even 1 year because of newer chipset which superior over the older version, i mean look how first ROG Phone's monstrosity already forgotten after the launch of newer flagships like Mate 20 series or Galaxy S10 series that uses newer chipset…

  27. fuk! i just bought oneplus7 +_+

  28. How bout the cameras

  29. iPhone's are still struggling to get past 3000 mAh. And this phone has 6000 mAh.

  30. Does anybody knows the theme shown on the oneplus at 1:30 of the start of the video?

  31. My d*ck is more powerful

  32. Without estimate price is worthless information from factory. Great phone but for how much????

  33. And then … oneplus 7T pro will be rog rival…

  34. Personally, I'm just waiting to get the Google Pixel 4 XL.

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