ASUS ZenFone 6 gets ARCore, camera improvements, and June Security Patch

ASUS ZenFone 6 gets ARCore, camera improvements, and June Security Patch 1

The ZenFone 6 marks the beginning of a new era for ASUS, as the company switched to an AOSP-inspired ROM for the phone — plus, it’s generally a surprisingly good phone at a decent price with an interesting take on cameras. The device has already got a plethora of updates, and now that it’s starting to become available in retail, it received yet another one that adds ARCore capability, further camera refinements, and the June 2019 Android Security Patch.

ARCore is a pleasant addition, as it brings the ZenFone up to par with many other flagships supporting Google’s augmented reality platform from the get-go. We already knew it was coming and now it’s live. The update goes hand in hand with other camera-related improvements. For one, you can now start recording videos by clicking the volume keys in the Camera app, and the time limit for FHD video recording has been removed. In photo mode, the camera gained an 8X zoom, improved noice noise reduction, and a higher lens flipping stability.

  1. Enabled ARCore
  2. Improved Video Call Experience
  3. Camera; Enabled 8X zoom in Photo mode
  4. Camera; Removed the time limit for FHD video recording
  5. Camera; Added the function: to start/stop video recording with Volume Keys in Camera app
  6. Optimized Screenshot Stability and solved bug related to screenshot functionality
  7. Enabled TaiwanMobile VoWiFi
  8. Camera; Improved Photo Image Quality on Noice Reduction
  9. Camera; Improved Camera Flipping Stability
  10. Updated Security Patch to June, 2019
  11. Updated Translation Strings in Settings

The new software is rolling out in stages starting today, so it might take a while until it hits your ZenFone 6. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can alternatively download the OTA file right from ASUS’s website.

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