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Our phones are smarter than ever, but they still can’t do everything, and let’s be real: who wants to write a ten-page essay on a phone? Or file taxes? Or play solitaire for hours on end? For so, so many things, a laptop is the best tool for the job, and whether you use yours for work or play, chances are you overpaid for your last one. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again by letting us help you find a high-quality laptop that actually earns its price tag, like my run-and-gun workhorse Lenovo Chromebook C330.

Our pick: Lenovo Chromebook C330

Homework and magic

This is our favorite Chromebook on the market right now, and what makes it the Best Chromebook also makes it the best laptop: it’s sturdy, hard-working, and reliable without breaking the bank. I’ve used and abused one for months as my primary Chromebook and while it has a few scratches around the bottom, the C330 just keeps chugging along.

Its shiny, shimmery white shell doesn’t show nearly the wear, tear, and dirt you’d expect it to, and the charcoal keyboard has good contrast for typing in dim offices and cafes. I can usually get 10-12 hours out of the battery, even with a few hours near max brightness, and while using this laptop in direct sun can get difficult, it’s bright enough for most of my diverse makeshift workplaces around the parks.

Since the C330 has been a popular model, there are tons of cases, skins, and keyboard covers available for it at low prices, which is great if you want to make this shiny white Chromebook your own. The only real downside of this Chromebook is it’s got a little under three years left before it stops receiving Chrome OS updates, but for $250, it’s an excellent price to try out if Chromebooks are for you.


  • Great, long-lasting performance
  • Good keyboard
  • 64 GB of storage
  • Shimmery white shell stands out


  • Not rated for durability
  • Only 1 USB-C and USB-A port
  • Stops getting updates June 2022

Our pick

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Lenovo Chromebook C330


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