Best LG G7 Cases in 2019

LG G7 Cases
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The LG G7 wasn’t the most exciting phone released in 2018, but it had a lot going for it — the display looks fantastic, the sound is ridiculously good, the wide-angle camera is impressive, and the whole thing is packaged in a slick all-glass body. That’s where a case comes in real handy to prevent your phone from being smashed up by an accidental drop.

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Spigen’s Rugged Armor case is about as good as it gets for a single-layer case. It adds barely any bulk to the phone itself while improving the in-hand comfort with a matte finish featuring carbon fiber accents at the top and bottom. Thin enough to allow wireless charging yet rugged enough to protect against nasty drops, this case is a minimalist workhorse that looks great in all black.

$13 at Amazon

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Featuring a dual-layer design that combines a rigid polycarbonate shell with a flexible bumper, the Unicorn Beetle Pro’s refined design will keep your phone well protected from the nastiest of drops. It also features a built-in screen protector to protect against scratches, and the precise cutouts and buttons mean the functionality of the phone will never be impeded.

From $20 at Amazon

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Another classic design from Spigen, the Liquid Crystal case is perfect if you want that ‘naked’ look for the LG G7 but also don’t want to unnecessarily risk your phone taking damage. You may ask what could really differentiate between clear cases, and the answer from Spigen would be its Air Cushion technology. Each corner is designed with a little pocket of air that creates a gap between the phone and the ground for added protection.

$12 at Amazon

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For fans of wallet cases, ProCase has a stylish looking case made with a lightweight fabric finish and a built-in TPU case. This is a folio-style wallet case that features three card slots and a money pocket with magnetic clips to keep things closed. Like a good folio case, it can be folded up to create a…

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