Best New Android Games in June 2019

I’ll give Harry Potter: Wizards Unite the nod for game of the month because it’s a massive game and compared to all the technical difficulties that plagued the Pokémon Go launch, the games features a ton of polish and enhanced AR gameplay.

Having only played the game on and off for less than a week, I can definitely see the appeal here — especially if you’re a huge fan of everything Harry Potter. There are appearances and references to your favorite characters like Harry and Hermione, and the whole premise of the story revolves around creatures, objects, and even memories from the magical world leaking into the Muggle world, so its up to you and other agents to travel around casting spells and sending the magical items back to where they came from.

You will need to go outside and walk around to play this game, which I appreciate because most mobile games leave me couch locked for hours. I don’t know if there’s enough substance here to hook me for months like Pokémon Go did, but whether you’re a young or old Potterhead, you’re bound to have some fun playing this game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (Free w/IAPs)

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