Did ANYONE Want a Laptop Like This?? – Acer Triton 900 Review

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23 Comments on “Did ANYONE Want a Laptop Like This?? – Acer Triton 900 Review”

  1. I still don't understand the laptop Webcam requirement. They are always a potato, yet when they don't have them, you criticis them. Webcams are a waste of space and copper and security.

  2. CAN I GET SUGGESTION OF LOW PRICE WIRELESS MOUSE TO DO SOME GAME.. i???? i currently use a4tech q80 but that wire is a pain in ass when i'm in a intense fight. so i hope you can help my budget is 20/30$. cause i can"t afford more than that for now

  3. Linus you need to check out Jade Bird Displays (JBD) out of Shanghai China. They have come up with micro LED displays that can go up to 2 million nits peak brightness and resolutions up to 5000X4000 so far. Made on silicon wafers so relatively cheap materials and process. I would love to see a video.

  4. I'd much rather build an Eluktronics NB50TK1 for $1500, and get a proper desktop CPU. I don't game so a 1050Ti is more than enough for me. Too bad we can't get the shell here in Canada. At all. From anyone.

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