Healthier Digi Employees with dahmakan Digital Canteen

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Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) has teamed up with food delivery startup dahmakan to set up a ‘digital canteen’ on its premises for employees to get access to healthy, wholesome meals. This is part of the company’s efforts to digitise its workplace and take care of its employees’ wellbeing. The partnership makes Digi the first telco to kickstart a digital canteen with dahmakan.

dahmakan’s digital canteen is a mobile kiosk consisting of a tablet listing a wide array of healthy food choices, including vegetarian and low carb meals. These mobile kiosks have been set up in the common areas of Digi’s office to make it easy for employees to place food orders at a click of a button. A dedicated rider will then deliver lunch or dinner orders at the allocated times, and employees’ will be notified via SMS to pick up their orders when it arrives.

The idea came about when Digi was exploring options to ensure that employees, particularly call centre staff who work in shifts have access to healthy food without the hassle of leaving the office.

“It is our priority to ensure that the health and wellness of our employees are taken care of. We are always looking for innovative ways technology can be used to improve the way we work and the wellbeing of our employees,” said Elisabeth Stene, Digi’s Chief Human Resource Officer. “Collaborating with dahmakan to have a digital canteen is one such example; the canteen gives employees the convenience to access good, nutritious meals at affordable prices,” Stene added.

Jon Weins, dahmakan’s CEO and co-founder said: “Our aim for the digital canteen is to help companies drive employee engagement within their organisations by delivering well-balanced meals to corporate workers without breaking their wallets.

“Research showed that a company’s profitability increases when employees are engaged and their welfare is prioritised, especially in an era where employees are very easily disengaged. The digital canteen makes it attractive for employees to order in and eat together with their peers, and this encourages the forging of closer ties among colleagues.”

In the past week, over 150 orders have been made at the digital canteen at Digi. “We are happy to launch this initiative with companies like Digi that are paving the way towards a better workplace. The team is committed to continuously find ways to improve this collaboration further,” added Weins.

Over the years, Digi has found innovative ways to use technology to improve employee welfare. Employees are encouraged to use their in-house app D’Health to keep track of their workout goals, join fitness classes and participate in health and wellness competitions that are run internally. The company have also built a D’PTW (Permit to Work) app to monitor external contractors and sub-contractors to ensure they comply with the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) requirement during the duration of their work.

More information about dahmakan’s Digital Canteen programme can be found on their website:

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