Early Android Q Beta 5 build shows off new Assistant gesture animation

Early Android Q Beta 5 build shows off new Assistant gesture animation 1

In addition to the previous Beta 5 leaks, more details are starting to trickle out from those that got in on the program a bit early. Someone over on the /r/android_beta subreddit (/u/Charizarlslie) reports being included in a US Carrier’s testing program for Beta 5, and in addition to confirming the previous “Back Sensitivity” setting, he’s spotted a snazzy, colorful new animation to accompany the gesture that triggers the Assistant in the new gesture navigation mode.

Previously there wasn’t any real dedicated animation when making the gesture. The only indication of success on Beta 4 was a brief bit of haptic feedback followed by the Assistant popping into place. The new animation (which may not include the brackets in the corner — I’m not sure what’s up with that) shows a line of colors in Googly, Chromebook Pixel-like lightbar colors moving in from the edge toward the center of the display before the Assistant slides up and into place. It’s reminiscent of the Assistant UI we spotted being tested earlier this year, which had the same colors in the same configuration along the bottom of the screen.

A short video (cut slightly by the user’s request) is just below:

Nice to have a visual indicator for success with the gesture.

Based on the details reported by the lucky tester, this new animation, together with the back gesture setting we previously reported on, appear to be the most substantial and noticeable changes in Beta 5 in these early, unreleased builds. We’ll all know for sure once it rolls out in earnest and we’ve had a chance to check it out for ourselves.

A few other minor tweaks in Beta 5 also been revealed, like some fixes for bugs in previous betas, and we’ll be updating our prior coverage as we go through those details, so keep an eye out.


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