Godrej Eve PT, Eve Mini, and Eve Cube Security Cameras Review

The Godrej name is held in high esteem when it comes to electronic appliances for home and office use. The company has been expanded in the domain of connected smart home appliances, including the Eve series of security cameras. We have a trio of security cameras from Godrej up for review – the Godrej Eve PT, Godrej Eve Mini, and Godrej Eve Cube — which differ in their design, feature sets, and price. The prices of the three models range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 9,999. Are these security cameras worth their asking prices, and do they offer more value than competitors from the likes of Xiaomi? Let’s find out in our review.

Godrej Eve PT, Eve Mini, and Eve Cube design and features

The Godrej Eve PT, Godrej Eve Mini, and Godrej Eve Cube security cameras differ in terms of their design and build quality. We’ll start with the most expensive device in the trio, the Godrej Eve PT which currently goes for Rs. 9,999. It’s a spherical unit that can rotate freely on its base mount. The exterior is glossy white with a thick black vertical strip which contains the 2-megapixel camera sensor and a hard flap covering the reset button and the microSD card slot.

The base has a speaker, with the Micro-USB and Ethernet ports beside it in a small recess. The Godrej Eve PT bears a strong resemblance to the Mi Home Security Camera 360°, save for its glossy white finish and smaller black strip in the middle. The camera has a horizontal swivel range of 355 degrees, while the vertical angle can be between 10 degrees and 90 degrees.

Just like the Xiaomi offering, the motorised camera does not make any sound while rotating on its base when you control it using the Godrej Eve app on your smartphone or tablet.

godrej eve mini GodrejThe Godrej Eve Mini impressed us with its IR-assisted night mode feature


The Godrej Eve Mini and Godrej Eve Cube both sport more conventional pedestal designs and have glossy white surfaces. The Godrej Eve Cube’s camera body is oval in shape (despite its name) with a centrally positioned…

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