IT WORKS!!! – Six 8K Workstations, 1 CPU Finale

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  1. Their both laggy as shit LMFAO for a full minute

  2. guys, please upload in 4k60fps

  3. Take a shot every time he says "exactly" you`ll do nuts.

  4. @2:27 – Wait, wtf….

  5. Huge Pages sounds like a Pokemon Ability

  6. 6:20
    Better graphics cards my ass! A single Mac Pro has 4 Vega VII GPU, it will annihilate that single Titan V.

    And also if the machine has a problem, it won't take down all 6 editors at the same time.

  7. I'd love to know how many basic office workers this setup could house…

  8. The madness we look for. A+

  9. Did he just make a car analogy?

  10. btw that human shadow at window 1:52

  11. I can't help but feel that we're overcharged for our hardware, so the manufacturers can recoup the money they spend giving you hadware, to make stupid chit like this.

  12. You forgot to include Unraid for the OS


  14. want anymore milk

  15. Which Hypervisor are you using ?

  16. God damn you, you fucking nerd.

  17. Why don't you use vmware

  18. Dear linus i recommend you check out the machenike f117 b6 gaming laptop the specs seem nice and it look pretty cool but it seems too good to be true maybe you can check it out for us. Because im considering buying one

  19. Great video, finally something that is actually AMAZING !!! Next, design the "VDI Infrastructure for the LMG editors with proper rackmounted servers and proper managebility and redundancy in mind" project. That would be REALLY COOL, with separate project render server (also virtualized?) on the side.

  20. Looking forward to the Threadripper 3 video.

  21. Is this video not on normal youtube aspect ratio?

  22. I hardly have the internet speed to watch 1080p let alone 8k 🙃

  23. How do so many very expensive components randomly break…

  24. Audi R8 and Lambo huracan


  25. Well done, I am proud of you Linus!

  26. Go ahead and send me the 100 grand build guys 🙂✌️.

  27. Feels good to be Mellanox employee and see a product that is related to you😂

  28. Instead of their old 6950x hook them up with new 3950x machines when they launch. Add to it those titan Vs you got in your workstation and you wont get to 40k$.

  29. 30K PC : Am i a joke to you

  30. Linus, there is a burglar in your window! 1:51

  31. How to destroy linus in one sentence hahah


  33. 1:58 I think that's the first time I noticed at that window, a silhouette.

  34. Not sure anyone else noticed, but there was a problem with the music in the intro: the hook at the start was on repeat throughout the whole intro

  35. will the rog rig reboot be back ?

  36. When you realize that in 4 years this will be as powerful as a medium-high end gaming pc.

    Btw, linus. Is your sound editor using a 6xx or a 58x headphone?

  37. Linuses staff are all prisoners and they cant tell us. He tortures them every video.

  38. That's cool and all but can you run minecraft on it?

  39. the f is happening in 1:53

  40. imagine spending 40 grand on a computer that will be outdated in a year :O

  41. Did they continue with CPU pinning? Because I wonder if it would have been better to contend the CPUs and give them more vCores each. Occasionally they might have hit some peak contention but on average I bet they would have more performance?

  42. DVI or the best video cable i've ever used. Still using a dvi cable with my GTX1080 and 75Hz screen. 😊

  43. Congratulations! Now, you have fate sharing! If this thing goes down, none of you can work! And this is NOT a well-tested server in a cool server room. 🙂

  44. So if there is any problem you'll have 6 editors without the pc! Clever!

  45. Two Central Processing Units… not one.

  46. Jakes chicken laugh. GOLD

  47. So basically any problem with this server could potentially make 6 people not able to work?
    That doesn't sound good.

  48. A) 4k Editing in Premiere Pro = Laggy & S#!tty no matter what system you're on
    B) Never mind jumping to 8k …
    C) "idk I never tried before"<– DUDE!!! Compare it to your workstation already xD
    D) Conclusion: Linus' editors have become spoiled brats not appreciating the ABSOLUTE BEAST of VMs they're able to actually work on =D

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