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LG has been investing a lot in the marketing and promotion of its smartphones, among other products, but it’s still struggling to find its footing among competitors. While Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo have seen good year-on-year growth for global phone shipments, LG had the biggest decline in this respect.

LG has recently focused mostly on its yearly flagship G-series and V-series refreshes, but these are generally very expensive phones. The more mass-market models in the K-series and Q-series haven’t really been home runs in our opinion, and with the surge of newcomers such as Realme, it’s now more difficult even for a heavyweight brand like LG to compete.

The company hopes to turn things around with its new W-series of smartphones. Aimed at Internet-savvy buyers, the new LG W10 and LG W30 are now available through flash sales on Amazon. The LG W30, which we have for review today, boasts of three rear cameras, a notched display, and a big battery. This phone definitely looks the part, as we said in our first impressions of it, and now it’s time to see whether LG has made a competitive enough phone that’s worth considering at nearly Rs. 10,000.


LG W30 design

LG has given the W30 a premium look, thanks to its chrome-plated sides and a brushed aluminium pattern on the back, which is covered with 2.5D curved plastic. The Platinum Grey colour that we have looks quite striking, although if you really want to make a statement, you could consider the Thunder Blue version. The front glass and the sides have rounded edges, making the LG W30 very comfortable to hold. This phone isn’t too heavy at 172g but it is a little bit on the thicker side at 8.5mm.

The power and volume buttons don’t have a lot of travel, so they don’t wobble around when you go to press them. The LG W30 feels well put-together and the plastics used seem to be of high quality. We didn’t notice any scuff marks or scratches on the laminated back during our review period, which is good.

However, the display…


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