Reassembling our $40,000 Camera

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  1. When you're too hyped to start a new awesome project, but just skip a few steps…

  2. They have 2 8k RED cameras, but hey, let's use a dumb excuse to make another video in-case something goes wrong and the money from the videos will pay for it. :p

  3. This hurts. Linus you should hire professionals to help. (Not Me)

  4. Hi Dennis

  5. Wasnt this just shown before like a month ago?

  6. Finally an update

    Well sort of

  7. 🙁 he didn't drop it

  8. Great! I was never able to reveset the stream to know what happened at the end. Had to take off back then.

  9. Wait…..wouldn't it be better if you watch the disassembly video in reverse, just u can see it being re-assemble for better accuracy???

  10. isnt this a re upload

  11. More like lady and gentlemen

  12. Shooter: some other robot (?)

  13. The FIRST TIME I HEARD IT "we should take off the plastic Eh?" You are Canadian! Keep up the good content lol

  14. about time you guys do this I thought the stuff went missing in your office with all the clutter or dennis took it home.

  15. You could have used one of your other Red cameras as a reference for temps

  16. Linus has psychic powers and can make anything drop at will

  17. Linus: Did you almost drop it?
    Alex: yeah
    Linus: If the rest of the video goes this well…

    Something else falls in the background
    Linus be like
    Atleast it wasn't the 40,000$ camera..

    Classic LTT

  18. thumbs up if you saw the livestream

  19. At some projects Alex looks like a cat before a cold bath.

  20. Wasn't this a live feed a few weeks ago?

  21. This oughta be good.

  22. Really this what we have to see now with some irritating voice

  23. If they took this apart 6 months ago, what have they been filming with since then?

  24. You have TWO RED CAMERAS!!! Why don't you use the other one for the baseline???

  25. Gamer Nexus mod mat flexing I see.

  26. I can see that Alex is doing extra work

  27. Soon we're going to have 5 sponsor segments each video to pay for Linus' "projects" 😀

  28. Did you guys watch the corridor digital video on you talking about how expensive the red cameras are

  29. Summer break just started?! That sponsor spot in the beginning was obviously recorded a month ago

  30. HATE FOR THIS VIDEO you streamed it we want the fucking watercooler not re re uploads

  31. THIS WAS POSTED before on JUN 21, 2019 called can we rebuild are our 8k camera…………… Why are u doing this carp to us. Come on now dont wast ppl's time with 2hour live video. When your just going to edit and cut shit out of it and just repost it.

  32. To Show you the Power of flextape…

  33. dont like this comment

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