Red's Overpriced "Mini Mag" Cards – The Real Story

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  1. This video is amazing. I had never heard of any of these things, hardly heard about the company Red. Somehow Linus manages to clarify what is going on, what everybody claims, what is correct and what is incorrect, and why both parties upset him. Also pissed off Linus is fantastic.

  2. Can you create a video about external hard drives? I read there are a lot of faults, and some of them fixable. The most common brands: WD, Toshiba, and Seagate but all of them have customers with problems after a month of use. Also they have more capacity than SSDs.

  3. As one of the people who directly contacted a LTT mod about this "In case it some how didnt manage to reach them already :p HA! ) I am genuinely happy about Linuses response its really well measured and does indeed show the bad points on both sides, But its clear while the expose' motorvations are questionable… Its very clear RED has done a BIG nono and everyone is very justafiably pissed off…

    I might be wrong but I do think theres also a legal issue here. Theres many way here how RED has committed fraud by misrepresentation. Now I dont want to see RED get closed down as a company. And I was infarct a big supporter of RED in the beginning for bringing cinema grade digital cameras onto the market via a kick starter when the nearest rivals were selling cameras for the hundreds of thousands of dollars…. So no I dont want to see the company end there product is good and i want to see it stay, but the BS has to go, and i think its now time for the CEO and management need to fall on there swords for the sake of the company to move forward.

  4. I like that, as if this writing, there are more than 700k views when there are only 10 people using RED. Kidding of course, but using a RED for YouTube videos is still absurd.

  5. >Nobody is forcing me to buy these
    Except for RED, who's suing people for trying to create knock-offs, thereby forcing you to buy their own (DRM-infused) overpriced SSD's

  6. How come companies like Sandisk also advertise capacities at 256 & 128 etc when a it's not all usable.
    That's a problem with all companies.
    They should all advertise real world availability of space to the consumer for data.

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