Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Will Copy All the New Features of the Apple Watch

The next-generation Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will come with a series of new health features, and most of them are borrowed from none other than rival Apple Watch.

According to a report from SamMobile, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will feature three big features that debuted last year on the Apple Watch Series 4.

First of all, the new Samsung smartwatch will be able to take an electrocardiogram, with a dedicated ECG app likely to be pre-installed. This feature allows users to track their heart rhythm and detect any possible symptoms of serious diseases, all from the comfort of their wrists.

Fall detection also coming to Samsung customers

Then, the same device will come with fall detection, a feature that Apple also introduced on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Whenever the device detects that the wearer falls down, it issues a notification on the screen and can automatically call emergency services or a selected contact to ask for help. Several other smartwatch manufacturers are also working on fall detection, including Mobvoi for its lineup of TicWatch models.

The next-generation Galaxy Watch Active will include atrial fibrillation monitoring, and once again, this is something that the Apple Watch Series 4 already has. The device will thus monitor your heart activity and generate warnings whenever it feels like a doctor’s opinion is recommended.

One thing that we should have in mind is that all these features require regulatory approval, as it was the case of the Apple Watch Series 4. In other words, Samsung must first be allowed by the health organizations in each country before rolling out these features to customers worldwide, so the release pretty much depends on how fast the company moves to obtain the approval.

The next big even on Samsung’s roadmap is the unveiling of the Note 10 in August, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 could make an appearance as well.

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