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Remember iPhones? Seemed like everybody used to have one. But now? Nope.

According to TNW, “Tons of iPhone users are joining the dark side by switching to Samsung.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Alan.)

It appears Apple followers are lastly shaking off the iPhone mania…

Yes, after… [pretends to check calendar]… 12 years, the fad is lastly dying. No one is shopping for iPhones anymore.

…in comparison with final 12 months, fewer individuals are buying and selling of their outdated iPhones for the newest fashions.

Now, keep in mind, that nobody has weighed these people who find themselves ditching the iPhone so it’s attainable that, mixed, they do weigh “tons.” It additionally unknown if these are metric or imperial tons.

And, for those who have a look at the methodology of the survey this declare relies on, it’s additional unknown if these folks truly exist.

iPhone retention this 12 months is down 15.2 p.c in distinction to March 2018, in keeping with information CNET obtained from phone-swap service BankMyCell.

The Macalope merely adores the usage of “obtained.” Just as we have no idea the entire mixed weight of those former iPhone customers, we additionally have no idea what number of Bothans died to get TNW this info. Only Mon Mothma is aware of and she or he ain’t tellin’.

This info definitely didn’t come from an e mail blast to any and each tech net outlet that BankMyCell thought would publish it. This is high secret info and never in any manner designed to get BankMyCell’s title into the press.

Weird factor, although: six paragraphs in there’s a late-breaking newsflash: that is in all probability all rubbish.

Here’s an essential disclaimer although: the survey relies on a fairly restricted information pattern…

Oh. Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhh.


… – solely 38,000 folks. Considering that is solely a tiny fraction of all iPhone customers, you should take the outcomes with a grain of salt.

That’s definitely not the smallest pattern set The Macalope’s seen folks attempt to style Close Encounters-style into Mt. Apple Doom (no, you’re mixing metaphors). But greater than the dimensions of the pattern, there are different issues with these outcomes.

First, the inhabitants comes solely from “phone swaps BankMyCell facilitated in the period since October 2018.” Let’s simply posit that clients of a service The Macalope had by no means heard of earlier than are usually not essentially the identical as those that frequent service shops or Apple Stores.

But that’s not the most important drawback. The greatest drawback is that in making its declare that iPhone loyalty dropped 15 p.c, BankMyCell isn’t evaluating its outcomes this 12 months to its outcomes final 12 months. It’s evaluating its outcomes this 12 months to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP)’s outcomes final 12 months. The firm even admits it has no concept what the demographic make-up of CIRP’s research was.

…our on-line viewers 62.4% millennials with a 60/40 gender cut up in favor of females, which can differ from CIRP; nevertheless, they didn’t point out demographics of their launch.

Somewhere Edward Tufte instantly felt intensely indignant, though he didn’t know…

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