Value Noise Cancelling Headphones? – Sound Surge 46 Showcase

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Value Noise Cancelling Headphones? – Sound Surge 46 Showcase 2
Value Noise Cancelling Headphones? – Sound Surge 46 Showcase 3
Value Noise Cancelling Headphones? – Sound Surge 46 Showcase 4
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48 Comments on “Value Noise Cancelling Headphones? – Sound Surge 46 Showcase”

  1. I'm so fucking sick of seeing your shitty thumbnails in my notifications. Your annoying thumbnail bullshit has outpaced the quality of your videos. Unsubscribed.

  2. I'm going to be honest, this script seemed written to be only a couple minutes and it seems like Linus is trying to read it as fast as possible. Guess they didn't get paid enough for a proper video?

  3. I have the TT-BH22 for a year now and I still Love it, it has heavy Bass but also nice Highs and Mids. The ANC also still works perfectly. If you think they suck just because they are cheap then you are just a nit picky little Apple Fan that would buy their 1000$ Display stand.

    And You seriously feel the bass. Not joking, I am suprising friends with that and they can't believe that they sound so nice.

  4. This has to be better than selling insurance. I prefer selling products that I can see, and feel rather than promises and good feelings. It's just that electronics are kind of low margin and insurance is well, more profitable. Good news though, I totally think that Linus could sell anything, even insurance. 👍

  5. I don't understand why this is pissing everyone off so much. If you don't want them, just don't buy them. LMG has to make money somehow. At least he took a payout on headphones he knows no one will buy and not a CPU/GPU/Monitor video.

  6. Lol? What is this? This is not a review. This is just Linus telling us all the features this thing has, with NO criticism at all??? Son, I'm dissapoint.

    Yeah, 'showcase' is mentioned, but that's not why I'm subbed to this channel. Dear god linus.

  7. This particular video felt phoned in and the thumbnail definitely was misleading.

    Why IS everyone buying this headphone? Are they?

    I'm all for sponsored videos but this one was not convincing.

  8. Nice try switching the clickbait title so people wouldn't complain, except the internet is forever and we still noticed. Next time just start with a non clickbait title

  9. This is like reading their product page. It gives no valueable information AT ALL besides the stuff on their amazon/own page. Is this a LTT video?!???

  10. Guys, a showcase IS and ad. It's paid video and not a review so don't expect any criticism. As long as they make that clear (which they can do better), I don't mind these content as anything more than take a look at this thing video

  11. No thanks. Other TaoTronics Bluetooth products I have purchased have failed in under a year and never had a strong or reliable Bluetooth connection. Not for everyone.

  12. I bought an older model a while ago. They were awful. returned them and bought Beoplay H4s on sale for $180. Best pair of headphones I've ever had.

  13. Woooow. This is the worst review I've seen on this channel by faaaar. Awful. 0 detail, 0 time spend on the device, 0 comments on real results of battery and not just claims, no sound samples, no NOTHING… even a shitty tittle that they changed. This is not the level this channel usually has. You are the absolute best in tech on Youtube, you should not do this kind of shitty videos.

  14. For all People, who disliked because of the old title:
    Taotronics is INDEED one of the most sold wireless headphones on Amazon GERMANY.
    I see, they aren't so popular in the US and Canada.

  15. Come on guys. Don't hate on LTT. It's a business. To produce good quality videos they need to do some of these too. I would rather watch an ad like this once a month than watch biased "reviews".

  16. Did you guys even try on this video? I love your channel, but the 4 minutes I just wasted watching this bullshit made me feel like you just gave up. This is nothing more than an extended advertisement for some likely mediocre headphones. Why did you even publish this? The title change doesn't really improve the video, it just stops people from being misled about what they're watching.

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