WAN Show From LTX 2019!!! Ft. DreamHack! – July 27, 2019

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  1. When I’m back in the states I can’t wait to possibly be able to attend LTX it looks like a blast

  2. You are in Valencia, Spaik

  3. This Stream is NOT LAGGING IDK WHY

  4. corsair only needs to make a motherboard as well for a full corsair system

  5. I'm born and raised in Las Vegas, and none of the locals like the tourist district lol. Keeps the lights on tho lmfao

  6. re. gta gambling thing. everyone banging on about "think of the children"… isn't GTA rated 18??? And no one mentions this!?!??

  7. Research better instead of trying to look cool and make jokes with the crowd…. GTA Casino allows you to BUY chips with real cash, BUT DOES NOT allow you to change them back into real cash.

  8. The best beverages for counteracting hot-spicy food (nearly 100% effective) are salt lassis. I discovered that at a Lebanese restaurant near Columbia University; the Lebanese beverage is called Ayran, and it's a salty (no sugar) yogurt beverage. But, Indian restaurants usually offer something called "Salt Lassi", which adds chives (or some other kind of onion). Excellent… especially if you have ever attended a traditional Hindu wedding, and enjoyed the warm milk and onion "cocktail hour" (no alcoholic beverages served at traditional Hindu weddings).

    Warm milk makes one sleepy. Ever see "Wolf of Wall Street"? The quaaludes? If you fight the urge to sleep for 15 minutes, you'll actually feel a little high from warm milk.

    I still went to the bartender at the wedding reception next to my friend's reception… and bought drinks. Some of the other wedding guests were treating me like I had pulled out a crack-pipe. lol

  9. 49:15 “she’s really good at Anno”

    Boy, did I hear that wrong… :^)

  10. Shouldn't LMG Content just come with floatplane by default? It is your bloody service after all (even if you did a google and did a seperate company)

  11. Regarding gambling, it is better to lose 15 bucks as a kid and remember that it is a scam as an adult than losing 10K as an adult.


  13. I think Rockstar is just doing what they want with GTA V since GTA VI is on the horizon. So far, they’ve made BILLIONS off GTA V. More than any film or other game. Why not make some more?

  14. first video of you that gave me several shivers of excitement… you rock!!

  15. Nvidia gave away 15 RTX cards because they have too much of them, they don't know what to do.

  16. Love that Gramatik intro

  17. Corsair AIO is crap, and the control software is also, crap

  18. Rockstar: If ya cant beat ‘em

    Join ‘em

  19. You are the Best Linus.

  20. Thank you for an awesome WAN show!

  21. Every other company: buy to open boxes
    Rockstar: Hold my chips

  22. Luke still tugs his shirt down

  23. I saw a lot of people make the "GTA 5 is rated 18+ argument". Age ratings in many countries aren't legally enforced in any way especially considering online purchases where you can easily give an fake age. Any minor has easy acces to these games, unlike a real casino or an online gambling site.

  24. If Corsair offered Linus media Group & all its subsidiaries 3 billion dollars ( negotiable upwards ) would you still turn them down 🤔

  25. Bloody love this! Thanks guys, love this so much. Cheers for producing great content, the whole live this just works so well with an LTT audience, lovely jubbly!

  26. My answer to the GTA gambling thing would be that it's rated as an 18+ so then as an adult you and only you is responsible for your actions and if a child is playing a game such like this then that falls upon the parent to be responsible and prevent them from accessing the game.

  27. Scrapyard wars damn hits heart

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