We Destr… Hydro Dipped a $1200 GPU!

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  1. there are films for this sort of thing. you just lay them in the water, wait and dip. not sure why you are wasting your time with the spray

  2. I thought this was an Alex video

  3. 360 closeup shot wouldve been nice thou

  4. 11:15 mouse? it looks cool

  5. Linus on nvidia cable routing "it's so unnecessary "…while making a video about hydro dipping…that nobody asked for🤣🤣

  6. Made it look a lot less fugly than stock.

  7. Yet again a stupid ass video from LTT… Cmon guys!

  8. "We wipe it down with IPA" Meanwhile holds the rest of the part in his fist, putting probably more oil on it than before

  9. That is SWEET!!!! Do more!!

  10. why you dont try water transfer printing..

  11. This actually looks really damn awesome. If i would do this i will only do it with the case cause i don't really care about the internal looks.

  12. My soul died when Linus dropped the gpu in water at the start of the video :/

  13. I m also just giving a try to create good videos so please do visit my channel.

  14. You need A LOT more paint on the water

  15. Jesus ,why we have to degrade so fast?!

  16. it looks CRAPTASTIC !!!

  17. will this stop it from catching fire?

  18. 4:00 we should be grateful apple doesn't do heatsinks then. Like at all.

  19. Promised destruction, didn't deliver.

  20. Painting water blue makes me deeply uncomfortable and i dont know why

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