We Made a Video you guys HATED – WAN Show July 12, 2019

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  1. I think showcase is just not a great term for a sponsored video, especially since so many of your videos (builds, projects and what not) are sponsored, and all your videos have sponsored spots, and because of that calling these things showcases I feel can cause confusion. Not sure what better term there is, but that’s my two cents

  2. Yo people, I get that you don't like sponsored videos. Some people obviously do. You're not the center of the universe let alone LTT. There's no problem if you don't like them. But if you don't like them and think that they should stop making them based on your opinion, you should probably just go pound sand because that's all your worth in my opinion.

  3. I really want to see Linus on hello internet or even something separate. Him an CGPGrey have such a complimentary way of working and seeing things

  4. I think the whole idea of sponsored videos should be that your opinion should align at least somewhat with the sponsored product. Also your definition of a sponsored video is basically just an ad. Who wants to watch a 5 second ad and then click off the banner ad, ALL JUST TO WATCH AN AD?

  5. The only thing that bothers me about the Switch Lite is the no TV support(even if it stayed at 720p on TV Mode), would it have even costed them more? Just having the option to buy a dock/controllers or use your friend's if you want to play together would make it worthwhile. For example say they have a normal switch, but not MarioKart except you do on your Switch Lite. It serves a niche, but more versatility would make it a way better option.

  6. Ok, so real question Linus… If you're gonna do a sponsored video and you know that's not a review? Why not throw in a "and we'll be reviewing this next week" or something… so people know. 1 you're talking about it and it's sponsored they have our interest and 2 we'll review it so you know if this is worth your money.

  7. Holy Cr*p for once for the past few WAN shows, Linus was actually giving his thoughts and opinions with Luke about the news topics of the show with actual decent points and didn't just go wandering off the news topic for 15-25mins.

    In other words, for once I was able to watch the show and stay interested because the news topics were shown and actually discussed and I'm not just 15mins in and have yet to get any actual thoughts on the issue and why they think or have the opinion on it.

  8. I think the biggest mistake they made with doing a 'showcase' is they didn't make it obvious it was just an ad, seriously if they just put (AD) in the title then there wouldn't have been a problem. I, presumably like a lot of people skip the first 30 seconds or so to get past the ad and it was only after watching for a few minutes that I realized I was just being sold to.

  9. 14:40 yer not explaining that a review for x can be sponsored by z. Yer makin it sound like reviews are indy and soloish.
    I.E : Intel can sponsor a video about the IPhone X you're reviewing cos that's the weeks' sponsor and neither apple, or ltt are subject to the domain of intel in that instance.

  10. In regards to pcie 4, intel would block motherboard makers from adding it to older boards. It not a huge outcry right now because amd has not, and hopefully won’t block it. As of right now, unless I missed or misunderstood something, amd just doesn’t officially support it. In other words they are not guaranteed and won’t help you of you have problems.

  11. you guys shouldn't address these idiots. they just need attention. no matter how well you explain what happened, it's not going to be good enough for them and they'll just pivot to some other stupid thing to whine about. you need to start ignoring them.

  12. Linus, your channel here is called Linus Tech Tips. Your "brand", for lack of a better word, is based on trust. People trust what you say when you say it. They trust your insight and experience.

    When a sponsor pays you to say their name and message in a video of you honestly reviewing something, that trust people put in you is then easily transferred onto the product just by association with the honesty of the video. We, as viewers, also appreciate that product more as they help to support you and help you to create more videos. Even if we don't buy the product, they at least have a head-start in the mind share department.

    Compare that to a "showcase" video, which by the way is a very disingenuous way of saying advertisement. Those videos have you paid to say things that you don't believe. They use your well-earned trust reserves, enticing you with remuneration, to try to gain mind share by illusion.

    The trust people put in you, is no different than the trust in anyone else. It is not limitless. You had to build it. In my humble opinion, you need to stop fooling yourself. You don't need showcases. Just keep being you and people will watch, listen and learn.

    If you instead allow companies to speak for you, through you, then trust is lost and your biggest differentiator lost with it. You become an actor for the highest bidder. At that point, it's no different then an athlete telling us to buy the newest sport drink with their brand on it.

    Sincerely Linus, please just keep being you.

  13. I think people are confused what LTT is. It’s not a small one person operation—it’s a business. They need to make money in order to produce the videos that we all love.

  14. About that PCIe thingy. I think it is a different situation vs Intel. Sure they're using the same "confusion" excuse however in case of AMD, it really is a little confusing, I mean you would normally expect top of the line boards to support it but as you saw it ROG boards, they don't meanwhile cheaper boards do (maybe it has something to do with the fact that ROG boards might have PLX chips) meanwhile in case of Intel, sure, maybe their cheapest H1/210 board might not have supported the 8700K but every single Z1/270 board has VRM capable enough to drive those Coffee Lake chips as claimed by Der8auer himself. So while in AMD's case it would've been that boards with same chipsets might/might not support Gen4 leading to confusion, Intel was on a better footing and could've easily said "Hey our new Coffee Lake chips works fine on Z series boards but we're not supporting H and B chipsets due to power requirements". So I do think it's an Apples to Oranges comparison, with that said, being an enthusiast I still wish AMD allows the MoBo manufacturers to decide on Gen4 support.

  15. Well sponsored videos is just an ad anyways. And it says sponsored in the video so I don't really see a problem with it . And also with lmg being a company they have staff to pay and for lmg to keep being a company they almost need to do it. I can understand people having a problem with the title but human error will happen once in a while and seeing that they where fast with changing it I don't see a problem. But hopefully they'll be able to lessen human error with the title and also seeing how many videos they upload it's almost impossible for them to not have one of these errors.

    Ps. If this is seen by anyone in lmg. Errors will happen but the thing that makes you guys great is that you're fast with catching errors and also telling us when these mistakes happen

  16. And speaking of the Taotronics showcase, I TOTALLY APPRECIATE that kind of content. WHY? Because that is the price point I am normally sitting in. I'm not going to buy a $100+ headset. I have a hard time purchasing a $60 headset. And, frankly, I'd like more reviews on items that fit the buying power of 70% of us who watch. Yes, it's fun to see the $2000 or $10,000 computers. Most of us, however, are buying the $600 – $1200 components. And a $300 headset isn't going to fit a $600 computer. (I mean, you can, but it's like using a GeForce 2080 with a Ryzen 3 1400 CPU.)

  17. How is something that has no 3D functionality, and yes it is definitely a relevant and desired feature, considered a replacement for a product that has glasses-free 3D functionality?!???

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