Why NOT to buy Radeon 5700 XT… Yet – Our Review

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  1. Welcome to the 360p master race!

  2. When you finished watching the video and youtube didn't load the high-def yet

  3. Another Great one. I even listened to the advertisement at the end.

  4. What is it? RNA OR DNA?!

    AMD: yes

  5. I'll take Anthony in 360p over any other reviewer in 4k

  6. Hey my windows 95 pc’s back 360p squad

  7. 12:30AM PST. And I used to think that LTT had reasonable release times.

  8. 1 and the Video recording issues are being worked on at this time with Navi

  9. How bout I use a 5900x

  10. I bet if they ever make a better GPU they might as well get rid of that stupid dent on it lol but either way I kinda like the chip set more amd is still good

  11. unoriginal joke incoming


  12. Dude this guy could seem like he could do asmr real easily

  13. The only reason you should wait to buy is the custom, non blower style cards.

  14. I want to see the high speed camera in action for antilag testing!

  15. Очень интересно супер молодец

  16. I thought i was in one of pewdiepie videos

  17. Future 1080p 60 squad here

  18. I love the slo-mo series, so I say go for it!

  19. Wait untill Christmas
    RDNA 5800 and 5900


  20. listening to this guy is like asmr

  21. 360p is perfect for my eyes

  22. Beautiful 360p

  23. wow it a xbox

  24. back at it agian with 360p

  25. Anthony is great to listen to

  26. 360p people!

  27. 360p gang whaddup??

  28. Soo..is this the first time that LTT has missed a day of uploads?

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