Why OLED on Laptops.. kinda sucks. Razer Blade 15 2019 Review

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  2. What is that LED table at 1:38? Thas dope!!

  3. love the 80s-miami style, with the effects on the table and the lighting, looks epic

  4. 4:42

    me and my last 3 brain cells at 2 A.M.

  5. Most of the complaints about OLED also applies to smartphones as well. It's interesting that everyone still wants OLED on their phones.

  6. I suggest making a video content about the best everyday free or open-source app/program to download/install in a new fresh Window 10 Os machine or Linux Os machine and their Pros and Cons in using it. Its getting stale to see so many vids abt hardware. How abt getting that linux guy or Anthony to explain it… They look qualified to explain the stuff n lingo.

  7. Aaaaaand once again, a dumb 15 inches 4K – 60 Hz display has ruined the day

  8. Where can I get that background wallpaper that is behind Linus?

  9. Who is the thor looking guy and where can i buy one?

  10. "..digital creator's dream.." then went on to mention bad colour accuracy. OK, so it's a digital creator's BAD dream. 😂

  11. I really don't understand why they don't ship this with 144hz 1080p oled. OLED's physical response time about 0.1ms whereas IPS has about 40ms (Black-to-White-to-Black, GtG=5ms is slow if picture has high contrast). That ultralow response time is really the reason I am waiting for OLED in PCs since 2008 and it still not there 🙁

  12. want one with 16 thread ryzen prosessor and a low tier gpu. For non gaming stuff. that display looks amazing for movies while traveling

  13. If it does what it’s built for then it doesn’t suck at all.

  14. I don't think that the 4k part is entirely true though, while your eyes can't detect the individual pixel at 1080p most of the time, they can certainly detect the sharpness of the image above the certain level.

    Imagine watching FHD film on your smartphone, it's super noticeably sharp because there are over 500 pixel per inch (PPI) concentrated in that small area of the screen. I did some research and experiment in this subject and found that even though you can't see the pixel on screen for most of the time, you definitely can detect the increase in sharpness when PPI is about 150 – 200, 200 – 250, and 250 – 300+

    Going 4k on 13 inch display is, in fact, the only way for you to get the literal smartphone image quality on a bigger screen today. It certainly has its place.

  15. Watch basically homeless’s video on building the smallest pc in the world!

  16. ROFL @ the RGB party.
    I can recommend the O2 headphone amp, by the way. Bought it as a DIY kit way back when it was first released by the developer in the form of open-source design documentation, and diyaudio.com forum folks organized a group buy.

  17. "freakin massive touchpad"
    But I can't see it from that angle

  18. Dat table tho.

  19. Love that table

  20. Matt black?

    MKBHD has entered the chat…

  21. Also whilst we're on panel manufacturers, why haven't they realised we all want 32" 4k OLED 144Hz yet? I'd pay $1k for that instantly! That's gotta be worth the development costs given 55" OLED TVs aren't sold for much more than that.

  22. Will asus rog rgp reboot be back?

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