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  1. One of the only thing i like about Mac OS is that its almost plug in and play. With windows…eh. Although i do enjoy fixing Windows and stuff like that sometimes its a pain in the ass.

  2. I bought a MacBook Pro in 2011 and it's still working fine. Of course, it's not a screamer anymore, and video editing is painful on it, but most of the time it can still do whatever I want it to do. Recently I also bought a 2008 Mac Pro, because I always wanted one (and because my first Mac was also a tower, a Power Mac G4 MDD in 2006). This thing, although being 11 years old, it's still very capable. Runs macOS Mojave, boots from an APFS partition on an NVMe SSD, just like their new machines. Of course, this is all only possible with a patched OS and patched ROM, but the community is so strong on this model (and the 2009-2012, pre-dustbin models) that it's still a viable option when someone needs relatively powerful hardware for not too much money.

  3. all I'm hearing is limited functionality combined with an extremely high price with Apples draconian and freakish control

    Windows ain't perfect but everything there is replicated in Windows at a fraction of the price (accessories just work, eh? wow, I guess plug and play never made it to Windows). I know the sarcasm is a bit much especially since I own an iphone and watch but the main selling point of Apple is the selling point. Its like having a Gucci. Who gives the fuck about a Lenovo when you have an Apple. This should have been a 30s clip with 20s for the overpriced wallet

  4. After two MacBooks Pros (mid-2012, early 2015) and four generations of OS X/MacOS used over about five years in a professional setting (software development), I honestly don't ever want to use Apple hardware again. XCode is not an IDE, my colleagues and I used AppCode for iOS development, merely using XCode to run the emulator and get the app on the device.

    Similarly, MacOS is horribly locked down, with its 'rootless' feature that denies access to large paths of the file system even as root. Binaries have to be all signed, which is fun when Apple decides that everyone has to use Clang and the GDB debugger will not be signed any more. Have fun signing your own binaries.

    The 'Finder' is among the worst pieces of trash one can find on MacOS. It's so barebones that it's barely usable. But they added tabs to it a few MacOS versions ago. Yay.

    SMB support has been fully broken for years now (forcing SMB 2 with CIFS, SMB 3 only works with other Macs, not Windows or Samba). Printing support (CUPS) is buggy as heck, with random PDFs getting printed as raw Postscript instead of the document. I had fun along with other Mac-using colleagues hunting down Linux/Windows-using colleagues to print down those PDFs.

    I'll give the Parallels angle, though. I was so glad that I could do 99% of the work in a Linux and Windows VM instead of having to suffer through MacOS.

    I was so happy to switch to a Thinkpad (T470p) with Windows 10 after that second MacBook Pro. The touchpad was admittedly crap on it, but the keyboard on those puppies is just amazing. Much better than the sensation of hammering on a block of aluminium with a Mac.

  5. The only thing that apple crammed down our throats was the T2 chip.

    The problem about reliability is that you will actually need time machine since they do have a lot of reliability issues.

    I'd rather have called that thing "backups" instead of "reliability".

    Because: Who needs backups if your system just works?

  6. MacOS if far from perfect, you can even say it's not very good. just that windows is so god damn terrible that i'm just fking done with it. ubuntu and other linux distributions all have too little support, i tried some of them and none stayed for more than a week.

  7. Dear LINUS 🙂

    ios 12.4 SUCKS!!!! and is the main reason i moved over from iphone to ONEPLUS 7 PRO.

    MAC SUX TOO 🙂 because of the LACKS of GRAFFIX Performance! thats why i moved over to Razer blade pro!

    back to Apple.

    ios12.4 is the ONLY OS* in the world, released by a billion $ Company , that hangs your phonecalls OFF, and stops your phone from being able to send MEMOS and VOICEMAILS just as CALLS.


    i dont care, seriously.Dont have the Time and mood for this.Thats why i moved back to Android.Enjoying a really good and simple but yet precise life.

  8. I mean Windows also has virtual desktops (create with win-tab, switch between with ctrl-win-arrow left/right)

    And not being able to run MacOS on Windows isn't Windows' fault but Apple's fault… (though there are ways)

    But man do I wish Windows could have something so good as Spotlight.

  9. If only we could install macOS on non-Apple devices… with support from Apple (i.e. everything works… including iMessage, and iCloud). Their OS is the only product I would ever purchase from them… ever again. It's the only thing Apple makes… without it being designed to fail (after 1 year).
    Wac. It just breaks.
    CrApple. Stink different.

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