10 Years of Gaming PCs: 2015 – 2019 (Part 2)

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  1. hey linus will you build a pc and sent it to india not now in future if i earn in youtube i will ask you to build a pc with good spec you have to build it for me

  2. Last 5 years are really bad for new games. Nothing extra, nothing special, just boring. And it is because developers started to focus their attention on monetization rather than actual gameplay.

  3. I started PC gaming in 2015 ๐Ÿ™‚ 980 ti with an cough abusable warrenty. 6700k, 16gbs of ram and some SSD and HDD memory yo. Fun fun times. I did it to enjoy dark souls 3 in 4k on my TV. It was great!

  4. If not for AMD, we still be in the stone age with 2 cores, and that is a fact, but well if AMD was in Intel shoes at that time, there is a good chance they do the same… business world is just about greed and money ^^

  5. $2100 and now it's worth about $550, damn that's why I built a mid range system with an i5-7600k (I have a Ryzenย 2600 now)ย and a GTX1070 for less of a price drop when I finally sell the parts.

  6. "We've seen a spike in how much the GPU makers expect us to pay for graphics cards." This does NOT mean that you have to pay more for a graphics card. Just because they tell you that a "mid range" card is $400 instead of $250, doesn't mean you have to buy that card.

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