2019 Best Back to School Laptops

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32 Comments on “2019 Best Back to School Laptops”

  1. I think since apple upgraded their 13 inch macbook pro lineup with all 4 core cpus, they got kinda recommendable again. Before that it was just stupid to buy a 1300€ Laptop that has a dual core.
    But i think you should have mentioned the new ipad pro. I know its not a laptop but with the new ipadOS it gets closer to one. And the a nice (for apple) price value make it a legit option for every student!

  2. So, odd request, would you guys be able give your opinion on the dell inspiron 17r special edition – nvidia geforce core i5. After this video I'd be intrigued to see where it sits on this list.
    (Also the slomo laugh killed me)

  3. My mid 2012 Macbook pro was thrown out because of a bad HHD drive cable and spazzing out with a 16gb kit, now after a 15$ part and 30$ 256gb ssd I got a laptop running windows 10 with an i5 and 8gbs of ram :') and a really nice display. Lucked out for school tbh

  4. I bought a laptop for university this year, and I have to say I HIGHLY recommend touchscreen/convertible laptops. For real guys, for school, it's great and they're not even that expensive. I think this video focused too much on gaming for a "back to school" video.

  5. Don't buy a Gaming Laptop for gaming. They are bulky and have garbage battery life. You may not even be able to make through a single period. I have made the mistake. Hope others don't…

  6. as for now – i've stuck to my Carbon x1 3 gen. (20BT). Despite it's pretty old CPU(5th gen i7-5600u) – it's a decent machine. And i don't do games, so INTEL graphics doesn't bother me =)

  7. I am severely against all those Acer recommendations. Yeah they're cheap for their specs. But from my experience and the one of everyone around me, Acer just means troubles. Parts failing, PC slowing down, bad warranty and support… You're better off spending an extra 50-100 and get another brand like Asus or Clevo.

    Also never go MSI unless you're planning to never upgrade and be plugged in all the time.

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