3rd-gen Ryzen Overclocking – Everything you need to know!

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43 Comments on “3rd-gen Ryzen Overclocking – Everything you need to know!”

  1. If someone can make make French subtitle of this video, that would help me a lot. it's really great video but i don't understand all what he say… I buy soon a 3700x and unfortunately we don't have such a good YT or tutorial in france…

  2. This guy really have made some of the most valuable pc related videos ever. This is the stuff I searched for but did not find when I was a wee little lad building my first computer. Great content!

  3. I usually skip most LTT vids, but Anthony is always a mustwatch. Real in-depth stuff every time, funny but not hilarious, very well voiced and paced. Also: Interesting how people start to creep up on how to get the most out of Zen 2. It's a very different design approach to what we are used to, so not too surprising it took some time. Not that I do overclocking.

    On that note: I would really love to see a video on how to effectively undervolt/noisegate especially Ryzen 3000. I'm currently running my 2600 noisegated at 700rpm with a 140mm fan (which is dead silent), slightly undervolted. I'd be really interested to see if TSMCs 7nm process undervolts as well.

  4. Well that was super usefull since my 3900X is comming in a couple days 🙂 Thanks for the video! Also nice to see such videos from Anthony, he is the perfect guy for this kind of video!

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