Apple FINALLY a Good Guy?? – WAN Show Aug 30, 2019

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Apple FINALLY a Good Guy?? - WAN Show Aug 30, 2019 1
Apple FINALLY a Good Guy?? - WAN Show Aug 30, 2019 2
Apple FINALLY a Good Guy?? - WAN Show Aug 30, 2019 3
Apple FINALLY a Good Guy?? - WAN Show Aug 30, 2019 4
Apple FINALLY a Good Guy?? - WAN Show Aug 30, 2019 5

27 Comments on “Apple FINALLY a Good Guy?? – WAN Show Aug 30, 2019”

  1. 8350 here… i think it aged well compared to other chips from the same era…it is hot and not so fast but it served me well for gaming and productivity over the years. Cant think of other processors that aged as well. Ryzen kills it now but for the time,8350 was getting the job done. Not really a ripoff in my eyes

  2. amd 2700x was 105 watt tdp yet draw 135 watts regularly. tdp are irrelevant at both clocks. My 9900k runs arround 95 watts at 4,7 ghz in games tho. its only avx and fpu stress test loads where they draw more. if you force it on 95 watts it still runs on max 4.3 ghz but if you downvolt it it still does 4,5 – 4,7 depending on your samply. I have mine running on 1.215v with running on 1.195 vdroop.
    i have mce off tho as vor anything non game load 5 ghz all core load is just not coolable with a dark rock pro 4.

    I think they should just disaplay normal game load and max power draw.

    And those so called cancerous thingsin meat are naturally found in water and veggies… so vegans die just as fast? comeone that research isnt bollix its likelt cancerout just like almost everything we eat these days.

    Also its not added for a pink colour its added to prevent botulismt from growing. As botulism WILL kill you.

  3. hey Linus you might not see this but i think you might want to do a review on the new opera GX (gaming) browser and on the review go on a you tube video and bring your mouse to the mid top select the button and go to a different tab i think you shoud have a look and compare with chrome opera opera GX edge etc

  4. You so garbage. Omg that lady on the right is a different blogger that she is talking with . It's no filter. She never ever showed her face . You Americans are so annoying . Same idiotic mistake did level one news. You never even check the story or facts and you talk garbage .how do I know the rest of the show is unchecked garbage too. Unsub goodbye

  5. I'm an Australian watching this who barely gives 2 shits about Canada other than it looks beautiful and I'd rather live there over the US and even I know about Quebec and how much and how loudly they whine.

  6. What about an intro that's only 1-2 seconds long and not fullscreen. Just a lower third that appears, shows the channel logo and some animation and vanishes while the content just continues.

  7. 21:47 DO IIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    59:16 I had a black and red one of them. It was hot garbage. Literally. It couldn't cool itself, the under cpu thermal probe was beyond fragile and the fan controller was only compatible with the fans that came in the case

  8. That kind of Apple certification for repair is EXACTLY why I don't buy Apple products.
    Pretty much you are under their good willing with their ecosystem and they can control parts, software and support as they want. That is not what I'm looking for when it comes to buy a computer. What I want is a standard system with a minimum amount of competition, and we've seen how beneficial that is for customers since AMD's Ryzen.

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