41 Comments on “Do you need "Gaming" hardware? – Sharkoon SGD1 Review”

  1. 8 min videos… uses three minutes on a fucking bit to intro what the review is about (not complaining I love the intro, just saying its even funnier because of the amount of the video it takes up)

  2. I mean, id agree with Linus, of those gaming mouse would be top, considering non gaming vs gaming mice have a big difference between them.

  3. Personally when I went to buy a new desk I did end up going with a gaming one it was on sale for $100 and it’s actually pretty much this same desk but black and orange. For the same money I couldn’t find any other desk that offered the same amount of table top space or the structural integrity. They were either small glass tops or that sawdust mixed with glue material that bows once it gets wet or overtime by air moisture

  4. Ok in all seriousness, when i'm taching LTT videos or playing strategy games or movies, i usually rest my head on my elbow. It just makes me feel more relaxed. To do that i need to extend my elbow so that it touches the desk. Do that often enough and spend like an hour sitting like this and it gets uncomfortable.

    These extensions offer a closer spot to support your elbow. If these extentions are long enough, man they do change everything because you don't have to extend and completely fuck up your posture.

  5. The elbow part is totally correct for a lot of pro gamers. You see, most pro gamers play with a nearly vertical keyboard and sit uncomfortably close to the monitor. The table might even be a bit too wide to fit both elbows comfortably on the table, but it's a trade-off to having more room for the mousepad. Tbh this table seems pretty well thought out for pro gamers. You casuals keep your cupholders and adjustable height. No pro plays standing up.

  6. Meanwhile, there are people sitting in a regular chair at a regular desk with a regular mouse/screen, etc… consistently head-shotting you into oblivion. A true artist/professional can make what they have work. You guys are a marketing guy'gal's wet dream.

  7. Any woman worth her salt watching this video is just shaking her head in disbelief. For those of these gentlemen who are married? Unbelievable…

  8. I'm not sure our definations of flush against a wall match. That clearly had a fuck off big hole in the middle where it was supposed to be touching the wall to be flush.

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