Guessing the Meaning of Apple’s iPhone 11 Event Teaser

Apple has lastly confirmed that its subsequent iPhone trio would see daylight at a devoted occasion on September 10, so the firm began sending out invitations to journalists who wish to attend the unveiling.

As it occurs yearly, the invite itself features a teaser of what’s to return, albeit Apple stays utterly tight-lipped on every thing so it’s as much as every one of us to decipher the message.

It goes with out saying that this isn’t a simple factor to do, particularly as a result of everybody comes with their very own model as to what Apple may be attempting to inform us with the image.

The picture hooked up to the article is the official press invite that additionally consists of occasion particulars and the “By innovation only” tagline.

While we’re not going to debate the innovation factor as a result of that is one thing that everybody appears to argue on relying on how a lot they like Apple, the firm emblem in the press invite (and the manner it’s coloured) is definitely hiding one thing.

Before shifting to some of the meanings that folks imagine the drawing hides, let me give you some context.

Apple will unveil three completely different iPhones subsequent month, all of them successors to the present fashions.

This means we’ll get upgraded iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max fashions, and whereas their names will not be but confirmed, everybody expects these to be half of the “iPhone 11” household. Hardware upgrades will clearly be launched, together with a sequence of different modifications, some of which could truly be teased on this press invite.

These are the colours of the present iPhone XR lineup

So what do individuals suppose is the which means of the colourful Apple emblem in the press invite? Here are some of the guesses I’ve come throughout in the previous few hours:

The colours of the upgraded iPhone XR mannequin (iPhone XR is at the moment accessible in white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and PRODUCT(RED), so colourful emblem may characterize the new coloration lineup)

An iPod announcement (I don’t see it, however some individuals suppose the purple half has the typical form of an iPod, whereas the colours characterize the precise variations of the system)

The rainbow emblem would possibly characterize Apple’s dedication to variety and inclusion, one thing that the firm has been supporting for a very long time

The return of the basic rainbow emblem on Apple gadgets – this multicolored emblem was first used on the authentic Macintosh in 1984, so it may make a return on this yr’s iPhone

A celebration of the iMac G3s – launched in 1998 and up to date in 1999, this mannequin got here with colourful translucent colours, and a few imagine this Apple emblem in the press invite could possibly be a solution to mark the 20th anniversary

Some individuals suppose the pink and yellow, which aren’t translucent, may characterize well being enhancements, as they seem like fruit slices (I do know, proper?)

The Apple rainbow emblem that would make a return this yr

So which one is it? If I have been to guess, I’d say two of these guesses are far more seemingly than the others: the colours of the…

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