Huawei Unveils Harmony OS as the Official Android Replacement

Huawei has lastly unveiled Harmony OS, the Android substitute working system that’ supposed to maintain them afloat if the commerce warfare between the United States and China goes on for for much longer.

Every firm that builds telephones goals of a day once they don’t must pay royalties to Google for utilizing their Android OS. That can solely be finished by making their very own working system, and it’s not like they haven’t tried.

In reality, Android had loads of competitors over the years and a few of the largest names on the market, like Microsoft and Samsung, tried to place a dent into this monopoly. Neither Samsung or Microsoft was capable of construct a worthy adversary, regardless of having the useful resource to do it.

Harmony OS is born out of necessity

The United States put loads of stress on Huawei by not permitting American corporations to do enterprise with Chinese conglomerate, and one in all the issues was the use of Android. Even although Huawei bought an extension, it’s clear that the firm doesn’t wish to be in that place ever once more.

Huawei was rumored to have been engaged on a brand new working system for fairly a while, and now the firm lastly revealed it throughout the Huawei’s Developer Conference, in response to XDA Developers.

The working system was in the works for a few years already, however the latest developments pressured the firm to take motion and accelerated the manufacturing. As it stands proper now, Harmony OS is obtainable on Honor Vision TV, however that’s prone to change.

From what Huawei revealed till now, the new OS is utilizing a micro-kernel, similar to Android. This mainly implies that the kernel is constructed with solely the required drivers and parts to maintain it gentle and to have the ability to deploy it quick on a number of gadgets.

The Chinese firm can also be saying that Harmony OS is quicker than Android as a result of the connections between the {hardware} (digital camera, sensors, and so on.) and varied elements of the working system are made by a single layer. For now, these are solely claims, and we’ll have to attend for an precise gadget that may be in contrast.

Furthermore, Huawei guarantees to supply builders with a software named Huawei’s ARK Compiler, which can be utilized to compile code from different programming languages for Harmony. In concept, it ought to be straightforward to make apps straight for this OS.

The cherry on prime is that Harmony OS will turn into open-source, someday in the future.

Harmony OS going open source

Harmony OS going open supply

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