Intel 10th Gen CPUs! – WAN Show Aug 23, 2019

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Intel 10th Gen CPUs! - WAN Show Aug 23, 2019 1
Intel 10th Gen CPUs! - WAN Show Aug 23, 2019 2
Intel 10th Gen CPUs! - WAN Show Aug 23, 2019 3
Intel 10th Gen CPUs! - WAN Show Aug 23, 2019 4
Intel 10th Gen CPUs! - WAN Show Aug 23, 2019 5

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  1. Credits to inf1n1t3s33s4ll

    2:30 10th Gen Intel CPUs Hitting the Market
    11:00 Americans Waiting 3 Years to Replace There Smartphone
    21:00 General Apple Card Discussion / Apple Card Getting Stained
    28:26 Facebook Employees Aware of Cambridge Analytica Shady Shtuff (No surprise there)

    32:33 SPONSOR Madrinas Coffee (Coffee is gross, sorry not sorry)
    34:24 SPONSOR Displate! (I own a few of these personally, pretty dope)
    35:53 SPONSOR PIA (I also use PIA super dope)

    37:49 Walmart vs Tesla Defective Solar Panels
    43:40 Android Q Might Become Android 10 (F in chat bois)
    48:02 Smart Ovens Being Installed With Skynet (Turning on in the middle of the night) / Smart Appliance Discussion
    56:45 FAA Says Weapons on Drones Are a Bad Idea (Ya Don't Say)
    1:00:50 Wendell Shout Out (He's a cool guy, has a nice shirt)
    1:02:15 Super Chats (literally just one lol)

  2. Putting a gun on a drone is clearly reckless, as you don't personally have full control of the firearm. If a problem arises, you can't fix it yourself immediately, and if the drone drops, you might be handing a gun (however temporary) to a stranger, a child, etc. until you can make it to the crash site, and that is a horrible idea. Additionally, if it has a bar to allow you to trigger the gun, that might activate in case of a drop, so… Nightmare…

  3. I have a Galaxy S7 and a $30 otterbox that I yeet above my head and lands on concrete all the time at work. Only a scratch or two on the screen and a crack on the case.

    Not replacing it until it breaks.

  4. I charge my crappy iPhone with it's small battery every 2-3 days and he charges it 3 times a day?! And doesn't he work more on his computer than on his phone?!

  5. I mean im excited for the new gen. Reason why is cuz now the 9th is guna drop in price. Like 9900k is still pretty fresh so itll stay the same price. Im talkimg about the 9800 and 9400f ans similarones in the 9th gen series. They offers very similar preformances just no oc. But they say that with most cpus, but everyone knows you can manually do it just gotta be careful.

  6. My phone is four years old, pc 8 years old, car 25 years old, fridge about 40 years old. I don't buy stuff if it ain't broken or obsolete for what I want the thing to do.

  7. Terrible choice of co-host.. He's literally heavily biased about everything he speaks about. He offers no objectivity towards any topic whatsoever.

    Most boring person ever. "Bla bla bla me right me superior to all you peons bla bla bla"

    And it's really disappointing to see Luke fall into the "please by my friend, I agree with you wholeheartedly" camp of people when speaking to this guy. With Linus, there's a firing back and forth of opinions and counter opinions, HOW IT SHOULD BE. Why are we being subjected to this schoolyard "i'm smarter than you, agree everything I say or i'll call you a loser and bully you" kind of behaviour?

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