It’s Not Dumb if it Works – Acer Helios 700 Review

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  1. did they use all the heatpipes for the gpu? because the cpu should stay very cool if the gpu is that well cooled

  2. lol that laptop sounds like its about to lift off any seccond

  3. Speaking of Dumb… This video format. Why were you dressed like a storm trooper? In the Glass Wire ad you sad "Badly Behaving" instead of "Behaving Badly" along with several other cringe sentences such as "When I use it, I feel like a bad-ass" WTF? You aren't Linus and we shouldn't let you get away with this crap. Thanks for the info though.

  4. Wow, what's going on in this video.

  5. I don’t see the point of gaming laptops… get a gaming desktop and a cheaper laptop for mobility

  6. alien(ware) vs. predator

  7. Wtf I got 3 ads at the beginning

  8. Is this a legit tech tips merch website??? the url looks suss

  9. It actually does sounds like a mini turbo jet engine.

  10. Yeah, I'm sorry, but for $4kUSD I'd prefer something like an Origin PC laptop if I really needed a laptop.

  11. On the thumbnail Alex looks like Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club 😂

  12. That was denis i guess

  13. Linus I regret to inform you but members of your staff may be involved with a drug dealer group

  14. wait what i live in norway 0:14

  15. remember those water cooling dock on asus’s highest end laptops? yeah this is far better

  16. 4:55 That pronunciation order makes me wSAD.

  17. bring out the gimp

  18. The Gumpert Apollo is cool! Don’t bully it 😂

  19. Omg, they actually raided area 51

  20. Linus: Buys expensive high grade gaming set
    Also Linus: "Great, now I can play roblox and anno."

  21. But… …that Stormtrooper outfit.

  22. It's really nice to see the strides of improvement Alex has made as a host. If there was one thing I was going to say though is that the pacing at the was a bit off. This isn't a huge deal, but it's the kinda thing that when you're listening to a video and you hear the spaces where you don't expect them it can kinda make you think. But other than that it's a solid hosting gig

  23. I want to buy an LTT storm trooper outfit now dang it

  24. So why are you wearing a stormtrooper outfit?

  25. Why he is wearing a storm trooper armour, but has a spartan (Mark V i guess) helmets… (red and blue)

  26. "How faaaaarrrr!" – like a pirate?

  27. 677 Gumpert Apollo fans disliked this video

  28. That mini jet engine sound is the deal breaker for me. I can deal with the background noise of fans.. but this.. THIS.. I'm sorry but I thought we left the era of incredibly high pitched cooling fans running at 15.000 rpm behind us about 10 to 15 years ago. So yeah.. it works but it still IS dumb imo.

  29. I love the sheer pain on Alex's face when he has to read someone else's script. 0:40

  30. never buy a 51m. they dont even QC them. a 3000$ machine not QC'd

  31. Acer is the best laptop maker imo

  32. For a second I couldn't tell if he's reviewing the Acer or the Alienware laptop

  33. Happy 9 millions ! 🍾🎉

  34. Best gamer laptop ever…this month!

  35. 4000 dollars for that monstrosity is just absurd.

  36. There's something different about Alex.. like if you gave him a blaster he would be able to hit everyone but the main characters….
    EDIT: lol the B-roll shots.. what the hell is going on in this video?? 😀

  37. ….. it's Alien VS Predator 😂

  38. and on this episode of Alien versus Predator

  39. did u hire someone new to direct this video

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