LG just made the Best Monitor of 2019 – 27GL850 Review

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  1. Sub-par review. You didn't even compare it to any competing 1440p monitors besides the ultrawide which isn't even in the same class. Go watch the chinese reviews. They all say it is the best in class.

  2. I am going for VA LCD panel. Much better contrast than the crappy 1000:1 contrast on IPS LCD and TN LCD. And better contrast gives better color experience too👍 Would never buy a IPS for color accuracy when I can get a VA panel or even a OLED (with the risk of burn-in).

  3. Good stuff LG. Just need an HDM 2.1 model, ultrawide, full refresh rate at full colour with tons of local dimming and HDR 1000 at a good price…. Sigh, not for another 3 years maybe. It's sad that the cutting edge of PC gaming is still years behind (in colour and contrast) what consumer HDR TVs are doing.

  4. for a moment there, i thought you were gonna say "the downside is that it costs $1.999". it doesn't sound a bad deal, but honestly after getting my ultrawide VA monitor, i'm having trouble going back to 16:9 and more importantly, to IPS Glow….

    I know the IPS has better viewing angles and color reproduction BUT for playing games and watching movies, the VA panel's great contrast levels and lack of IPS Glow make blacks appear actually black and the colors look so vivid you would not believe compared to IPS which looks washed out in comparison.

    of course VA panels have their own issues, but the viewing angles are still better than TN, i'm not a PRO gamer so i can't really tell any difference if the pixels aren't VERY fast and at the "FAST" setting, there's no ghosting that i can see.

    for pro gamers TN is still the only thing to look for, IPS the only way for photographers and VA for more casual gamers/movie lovers and general use.

  5. I know you kidded about RGB, but like fuck I'm so over that shit aye. It has uses but if everyone has it….. it's no longer unique, shiny yes… awesome yeah not anymore. 😉

  6. First: A 8.9 Million sub YT channel reviews a tech item.
    Second: Most of the viewers immediately goes to buy it.
    Last: Item instantly goes out of stock and i cant buy it.

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