Microsoft DOESN'T CARE – WAN Show Aug 16, 2019

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  1. Dat pay to win on WAN show superchats

  2. Of topic quastion, how good is a Inno3D GeForce GTX 1650 TWIN X2 OC
    And what is the difference between different 1650
    Thx in advance

  3. Starbucks in argentina has a pasword in the bathroom and the password is emmited in the receipt

  4. LMFAO luke said Estonia. POGGERS. Estonians rise up

  5. Nearly one quarter (~23.97%) of this WAN Show was dedicated to ad/sponsor time.

  6. 13 minutes of sponsors and merch spot in a 55 min vid. Probably a bit much

  7. "Microsoft Doesn't Care"

    Um, if you read the privacy policy when you signed up to use these services, they do inform you that they will use your information to help improve their service.

    But, then again, Linus Media Group is riding the clickbait train along with the best media companies these days.

    You keep flogging your chinese made shit to kids. Go you.

  8. To help virual assistants, you could rely on self training, you can add a button "have i heard you ok?" and train the AI on those cases. It will mostly flag the missed listenings, but it's better than the contrary option. Also, training (in house) the AI to recognise the "i am saying the same thing cause you didn't undestand me", its a WAY better option

  9. The way I see it. By default they shouldn’t be able to listen to voice recordings, however you can opt in if you want improve the service. It’s just a breach of privacy.

  10. Voice assistants are supervised machine learning, otherwise you will have problems like the old Microsoft Twitter bot "Tay" (being racist among other things). People need to know this.

  11. Wait a second, so the rumour about Huawei is that they complied with court orders to assist in a government investigation? Isn't this the same thing the USA were raging at Apple for not doing? lol.

  12. I like James' eyebrows

  13. Facebook Café shops are going to use Facebook new currency so that more people will know and use the coin(s). 🙂

  14. lol cortana

  15. I do really love the Wan-show, and the style and feel of it. But, when half of it turns into a commercial it definitely feel quite a bit excessive.

  16. cortana start skynet

  17. I use Cortana on my phone. You can have my Windows Phone when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

  18. Folding phones will never take off because it’s a bad idea and it’s impractical

  19. Got Uganda wrong, its pronounced you-ganda. But you did get Zambia correct the first time 😉

  20. Half the show was sponsors…. come on guys.

  21. That pretty boy looks like count faggula

  22. please restock the stealth hoodie. really wanted to buy it

  23. 08:10 It would be the only one who understands me T_T

  24. @9:07 Luke's default position is doggy style ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. These flow so well without Linus

  26. Renaming the filename as create date can be done. I once did something wrong with the name of the file and then I created one app using C# that renamed all files based on keyword

  27. no super chats?

  28. i'm not using voice recognition from any of these company's,and certainly not if they listen to what you are saying,this is an intrusion into your privacy,thats a no-go for me
    i guess they also have algorhytms that filter out recordings that are useful for them,so that they can bombard you with adds regarding your input
    also quit facebook,and besides youtube,i'm on no other social network,if people want to contact me,there's always e-mail,sms,telephone,or even the postal office

  29. That reaper sauce isn't even that hot. By the time you add the water, tomato paste/sauce, and other herbs a lot of the heat is gone. If you want real reaper heat you gotta try the raw peppers.

  30. You're here for the hot sauce sniffing at 33:05 , you're welcome

  31. So Cortana has been spying on you all this time. Windows 7 Forever it is.

  32. The main problem with those 'smart-devices' is that you literally can't avoid those. If you don't have one because you care about your privacy then they still will get all your data because your friends and family memebers have it.

  33. Skype is like the worst "social" software on the market today

    When u use it on the phone and have ur phone on mute it auto up to 1/4 and cant lower yours phones volume anymore (on the computer it auto on ur volume when muted u need to scroll skype to the bottom)

    You cant turnoff the ringtone.

    This result in an absolute nightmare when u are in meeting or live with others because u cant rely on ur phone staying muted or just have a videocall on mute or low volume since u cant go lower then 1/4.

    If u type a message while calling it dissapears when the call ends.

    You can have quick access to your account on the login page but if u login to a new one the old one dissapear from the list (whats even the point of having the account in a list when u only can have 1?).

    The list goes on so much bs since windows 10 tracking started and skype follows it right into the grave before u had full control over skype and windows today you dont

  34. Only keyboard that failed on me is apples 😂

  35. Im in Pakistan and wanna buy merch lol

  36. I'd go to those cafés, and I dont even have a facebook. But if I get the chance to get a drink, thats probably not poisoned, for free, I would get it when I am walking by such a thing.

  37. Iv never seen the difference between expensive and cheap keyboards lol

  38. Super-hyped for James talking about more keyboard stuff, especially custom stuff and different switches.
    Just make sure you guys look at the Kailh Box switches and not just their Cherry clones (especially the Novelkeys and Hako Kailh switches).
    Oh, and ZealPC's kits are quite expensive because they're a small company but there are cheaper kits (YMDK on Aliexpress, KBDfans in some cases, etc).
    Regardless, keyboards are a ton of fun. There is a surprising amount to explore with them, and I'm so glad I got into them. Some of the other switches out there make (most) Cherry switches look terrible in comparison, which most people would never otherwise know.

  39. Apple ar glasses would still be stupid

  40. @ 05:10 about, James, if 0.2% of Google and Co are transcripted, and 0.2% of cortana? How big are the chances again? ;p

    What's heavier? 1KG (or pound) lead or 1KG (or pound) of feathers? Under normal atmospheric pressure of course^^ ;p

  41. Microsoft invades privacy again? No surprise. That is why I didn't activate W10 yet, I use it for some benchmarking and some gaming and the last might be for a short duration, depending on how well all my games run with a 3700X and 5700 XT. The first test data gives hope, most games seem to run well on Linux these days, especially via Wine and DXVK, better than native. Maybe some games (Starcraft2) will even run better that way than with DX11 on Windows because you do use Vulkan that way. And CS:Go already gets a higher FPS on Linux as Anthony showed.

  42. 25:37 – What is that movie he hates that Brandon likes? Oak Jar? Wut?

  43. Taobao has P106 with DP interface, do not change bios, try?💃

  44. I reinstalled my windows recently and gave cortana a try and I disabled it after an hour. There's still 0 functionality.

  45. 21:41 Luke was super adamant about not competing with Youtube with Floatplane. Everyone was giving him shit about what a stupid idea it was and he keeps defending it by saying that's not the idea. Yet every time time there's Youtube news he's always quick to go "Yay Youtube messed up! more people for Floatplane!" Or "No Youtube! Don't do a good thing cause more people for Floatplane!"

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