Summer 2019 GPU Buyer’s Guide

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49 Comments on “Summer 2019 GPU Buyer’s Guide”

  1. Basing the GPU solely on budget is fail. It should be considered for Purpose then budget. Most GPU's in a price range will work just fine, you may not have all the bells and whistles but when buying on a budget that's your trade off. I love when ppl say idiotic stuff like "You shoulda got that one instead". Enthusiasts have destroyed not only the GPU economy but also the purchasing mentality as well. As long as it works as intended for your purposes then anything you buy is a good decision and that's the most important thing. Sure having a Titan X would be great but reality dictates even the 2080ti is overkill for most gaming needs. Price is important on a budget but more so will it work for what you need? if not then save up and make the build a little later, who knows you may find a hidden gem of a deal on Ebay or such in that wait time. Just don't slap anything together for the sake of getting it up and running in order to play today or pay now for a low end offering that's not gonna make you happy in the long term.

  2. Call me an asshole, but if the difference of like $50 is a big deal to you, it means you're broke and you should probably be spending your limited money on more important things. Just being pragmatic.

  3. I just got a brand new reference RX 5700 for £280 – that's marginally more expensive than a Vega 56 AIB (pulse is like £250), a whole £90 cheaper than the cheapest AIB 5700 (MSI Mech OC), and over £100 cheaper than the cheapest 2060 Super. Honestly I was surprised at how quiet the reference cooler was considering all the horror stories, and it works great just undervolting to 950mv which significantly drops temps and fan speeds without any real hit to performance.

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