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The best and worst of Black Hat 2019

Security consultants as rock stars

You could possibly be forgiven for anticipating a rock band to take the stage.

The area crammed with individuals. Laser lights danced throughout the assembled throng. A bass back-beat thumped someplace mysterious. A mighty roar from the audio system whereas this reporter fumbled for earplugs, a second too late. A person took the stage, armed solely with a head mic and a clicker.

Not a rock star. A safety professional. He spoke of safe software program growth and deployment best practices. He spoke of automation. Of altering safety tradition.

Accountants do not do that for his or her convention keynotes. (Pretty certain.) Doctors? Doubt it. Mechanical engineers? Seems unlikely.

So, what does the glorification of safety consultants as a sort of rock star say concerning the present state of safety tradition? Where does this want to raise mastery–or even simply competence–to god-like standing come from? It would not occur in different fields. Should we rejoice or condemn this intuition? Or merely discover it mildly bemusing?

Black Hat is a flashy, for-profit convention in a flashy on line casino in flashy Las Vegas designed to impress the enterprise consumers purchasing on the expo flooring. For many…


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