31 Comments on “The "Pocket PC" I've had in my attic for 13 years”

  1. 13:18 "Back then it was really big freakin' deal"
    You really think no one remembers that anymore?
    On a different note. If I recall correctly there also used to be loads of accessories for these things that would plug into CF card reader – bar-code readers, GPS-receivers, finger print scanners, cameras etc. Also, Bluetooth and WiFi cards for devices that didn't have on built in.
    Transport authorities in my hometown used something like this PDA with expansion module to check RFID tickets.

  2. The craziest thing about this is the Windows Mobile. Linus acts like it's this old outdated thing(which it totally is) but they still sell PDAs with Windows Mobile 6.5 (Intermec, who i believe is owned by Honeywell now). At a previous job a year or 2 ago the place i worked for just bought ~15 of these Intermec CK75 all with Windows Mobile. Being a dev with modern tools and modern practices, it's hard to go back to that kind of technology and write code for it, I remember I had to use an old version of Visual Studio specifically to write the program they wanted to use for it. These things were the bane of my existence https://www.honeywellaidc.com/products/computer-devices/handheld/ck75

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