The THINNEST Monitor EVER – C-Force Portable Display Review

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  1. I'd like to see a mount for the camera and a battery solution so I can plug this directly into my camera for focus checking! great price!

  2. Honestly I would rather have a slightly heavier monitor if it didn't need the external hub. But not if it's over 500grams or so. Also why not just have the Type C port on the back running parallel to the rear of the panel? It doesn't get in the way on the side and it probably has less stress. You can have a special stand with built in cable management to help further reduce stress on the port. And I'd rather have the IO on the monitor rather than muck with a hub. That's a major thing for me. I will sacrifice a few hundred grams to have less things to carry.

  3. Take your children camping without them going through gaming withdrawals and if you use your phone (provided you get signal where you are camping) you then have a decent size internet browser that can be powered with a power bank.

  4. WTF LINUS! you look like a homeless! what happened to your fab haircut? mostly on the neck? r u expecting bankruptcy and cant afford a haircut? (also does your wife has eye issues?)

  5. why not having a wifi 5Ghz transmision on that display, so you ca use it as second display without cables. "like the wii u " so ur display are always synch and you can benefit from the display 100% . @
    Linus Tech Tips .

    We need that as a project Linus 😀

  6. most trains in uk have plugs next to table seats on trains this would be PERFECT to keep your kids quite while they play there switch on a train journey and there not straining there eyes .. or you could even plug it into a car phone usb jack for trips with your kids

  7. I could see it being interesting to attach it to the front of the switch dock so it's like a portable coop setup for when you don't have a tv. Or slap that puppy on the top of an Xbox.

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