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Thoughts from Defcon 27 – This is why I do what I do

Defcon is the one of many oldest and largest regularly working hacker conventions, began by The Dark Tangent. According to their very own FAQ, Defcon began as a celebration for members of “Platinum Net,” a Fido protocol-based hacking community out of Canada. Fido was one of many protocols used to retailer and ahead data earlier than the Internet was pervasive and fashionable. People used it to create ad-hoc networks that saved and forwarded information and messages the world over.

Back within the late 1980s and early ’90s, the telephone firm didn’t supply limitless service. They charged important quantities of cash to make lengthy distance calls. Many of the children who grew up on Commodores, Apples, Amigas, Spectrums and PCs traded cracked/pirated video games (warez), traded demos, chatted, and needed to discover.

Plenty of teams got here collectively to search out weaknesses within the telephone system, Alliance Teleconferencing, payphones, the nascent wide-area networks resembling TYMNET and PC Pursuit, and company telephone programs in order that they might keep away from having to pay for these long-distance companies. This was known as telephone phreaking and was a part of the hacker scene.

Many of those networks and their…


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